Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When kids go bad..,

The Good Girl called me the other day and told me a very disturbing event that happened at the school were she has her kids.

She pulls up to pick up her son and daughter and notices her 4 year old son out side with an older white girl standing behind a tree out of site of the teachers.

She than watches as the the little girl (who she finds out later is about 9 years old), pulls down her pants and shows her naked butt to her son, she quickly pulls up her pants when she sees a school bus pass by and than pulls down her pants and shows the kid her front and grabs his hand and was trying to get him to touch her.

So at this point the Good Girl reaches them and is in full mother hen mode, both kids get blessed out as well as the teachers who were not paying attention.

And for good reason too I might add, look at it this way;

1- the teachers were not paying attention to the kids so they could have wandered off any were or worse yet got snatched up by somebody.

2- If the wrong person walks by and see this than the story changes from fast little girl showing her stuff to a 4 year old to predatory little four year old black boy attempts to molest innocent young girl.

3- Little girls don't just play around like that, somebody taught her this and somebody might have given her something which she in turned could have passed off to him.

Which leads to this, this is not the first time this little girl has been brought to the attention of the Good Girl, apparently during a PTA night one of the board members warned her not to let her kids play with the little girl because she was "bad", no further explanation.

And for that matter this apparently was not the first time her son has been been given a crash course in anatomy and physiology the advanced edition.

Upon further interrogation by the mother, (in what I could only imagine was a session that would have made a C.I.A torture experts and Dick Cheney proud), the poor kid confessed that another little girl showed off her prepubescent chest to him in the same school earlier that year.

So she is flustered and is thinking about reporting the incident to child services.

I say there is nothing to think about go ahead and drop dime, snitch like there is no tomorrow, because besides the three point said above,

4- Schools if given the option will always look the other way, no harm no foul so life goes on.

5- Which means that this little girl goes on to try another little boy and have a full blown police investigation take place.

6- Despite what every one thinks little boys introduced to sex before there ready are traumatized by it.

7- Somebody has done this little girl wrong and they need to be locked up and she needs help.

I cant be mad at the little girl some body has twisted her mind and like some people who are abused they inadvertently pass on that abuse to some one else continuing a cycle.

I hope the kid gets help.