Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stunna Of The Month May

Yeah the woman is a notorious swagga jacka.

She out right jacked other peoples songs.

She jacked their wardrobes.

She makes "you go girl" songs, (damn good ones though).

She DEMANDS the spot light at the expense of every one around her.

And she has successfully muscled her way into the exclusive club of black actors and actresses that can find work consistently at the expense of season and more talented thespians.

And to add insult to injury she is in the even more exclusive clique of actors that pretty much get what ever they want done, (Denzel, Will, Jamie and Halle, although she got one more bad movie to make and her ass is out the club).

And that boys and girls is why she is Stunna of the month.

The woman is a go getter!!!

She is in it to win it!!!

I got to respect her grind.

She has an army of haters but she could care less she keeps it coming.

I love that.

It doesn't hurt that she is fine as hell too.

So Stunna for May is MS. Beyonce.