Wednesday, June 11, 2008

True Story 7: The Good Girl.

"You are so gracious, kind & Thoughtful" That is what she told me, I wanted to puke.

This lady has been in my sights for a minute now.

I have been plotting on that booty for a while, the problem is that she is to much of a match for me the kinda of woman that could wind up having me rename this blog or shutting it down.

I am not trying to see that, what is blowing my mind is neither is she, at least knowing the way I am.

Ive known her for a while now from my old job, she has two kids from some sorry ass baby daddies, she struggles on her own while going to school, working and raising the kids.

We clicked upped real good like a couple of thieves in a room full of Saints.

The thing is that we are on cross roads of our lives and the route were taking is going opposite ways.

She has a plan for her life, she want the house, the 40k and up job, the man who will be the father to the kids, she wants the life of Leave it to Beaver, anything else is a distraction.

I want the condo/loft, 40k and up job, travel the world, and yes I like kids, want kids, but damn sure not thinking about kids right now, I want the life of John Shaft, anything else is a distraction.

When were around each other were cool though.

I even agreed to go see that stupid Color Purple musical when it comes to town, (who the hell makes a musical about a woman getting your ass whipped?).

But during the course of conversation one night were I was laying my game down flatter than Hallie Berry's ass, she tells me what she expects out of me and that's why she has been blocking my advances like the New York Giants offensive line.

Before I could counter she says she has to attend to one of the kids call her tomorrow.

And that's when my mind got the better of my penis

She was right, I know me, there is no way I would be happy playing the family life and that's exactly what I would be doing playing it.

I got too much of "I wonder whats on the other side of that hill?" in me.

I'm the type to get out of bed with her one morning and call her from Zanzibar, Africa later that day like nothing was wrong.

She deserves better than that and I knew it, so the next day I told her so and I told her i was rooting for her.

That's when I got the "You are so gracious, kind & thoughtful" BS.

My own penis wanted to jump out my pants and slap me across the face and say "you see what that got you stupid!"

The nice guy/friend.

Hell with that I would rather have the booty, I know the dog in me.