Saturday, November 29, 2008

WTH???? And My Thanksgiving adventures.

A Walmart Store Worker Gets Trampled To Death By A Throng Of Shoppers Who Broke Down Store Doors! [Cell Phone Footage Of Officers Trying To Bring Victim Back To Life]

What the hell is wrong with you people?

It's Walmart!!

There is more than one!

They got mad ish in there.

You see that's why I don't do holiday shopping.

Every one gets cash and better be happy with it, or you gets none.

Update: The more I think about this and what happened at Toy's R Us
the more disgusted I feel.

This is why I don't pay the holidays no mind how the hell can you trample a man to death?

Is your greed so much that you can be that reckless?

If this man has kids there not going to see him for the holidays.

But that's OK because you got that TV, your kids got that Xbox, you got your f$#@ holiday gifts.

Your good.

Mean while some one will be burying their loved one instead.

Crying to sleep at night, trying to hold there sanity together.

Thank you Walmart shoppers for showing us what kind of society we really are.

And than these two idiots want to have a running gun battle in the middle of a toy store?

Can you imagine you there to shop for your kids and next thing you know a John Woo movie breaks out right in front of the Da Bratz dolls.

You put men women and children's lives in danger because you can't get along?

And than you fools cant even shoot straight so you running up and down the asles shooting everything, than finally your selves.

Gang bangers got more sense not to set it off in a toy store, thankfully God was watching and decided he had enough of the two devils and did every one a favor in that store by having them kill themselves.

My only regret is he didn't snatch up the women who started it.

The message of the behind the holidays has long been lost behind million dollar ad campaigns and the latest piece of crap you don't need but you got to have.

Any way back to the script.

I did my thing this holiday by making the rounds of some dinner, Georgia being the lame ass dry state that it is, I had stopped by the liquor store the day before to get my peace offerings.

I planned on hitting up three spots and each home drank something different, I had to buy a case of Bud Ice for one spot, case of Colt 45 for another and Corona for the third.

I got a hang over that wont quit.

I went to one friends house and started drinking and eating good food, poor drinks.

They had the Bud Ice and Christian Brother's Brandy, I didn't want to be rude by turning my nose so I knocked a couple of cans down, took a few shots.

Besides the PlayStation three was up and it was Madden time, man the ish talking was of high quality that night, a couple of fights almost broke out because of that game and yours truly walked out with the belt.

The Ex called me while I am p[laying and asked if I wanted to go to her sisters to eat, I said no because I already had an itinerary for the night.

Come to find out later she need a ride there to her sister's place who lives ten minutes from her and no one would pick her up, so her and her daughter stayed home Thanksgiving.

Now if she had asked out right "hey can you give me and my daughter a ride.." I would of did it no problem.

But instead she tried to play slick by inviting me over there to eat knowing damn well that she has never invited me over before after we broke up.

Now whats that tell you when your own kin doesn't want to be bothered with you?

Tells me I was a fool for messing with you.

But back to the script.

So I leave homeboys house who stays around the corner from me to head over to my other homeboys spot out by the governor's mansion.

It was a trek out there especially with the cops running amok, but it was worth it.

That place was decked out, food was ridicules (I am trying to cut down on my meat intake so I opted to go veggie this holiday which means a whole lot of starch), and the drinks were top shelf right up my alley.

Ms Booty Star calls me to stop by to get a plate but she has rubbed me wrong this week so I passed.

And guess what?

That's right the PS3 was on and popping this time with the Friday Night Fight on.

I left out of there with that belt too.

It's around 12 midnight before I head out of the final spot over in the west side of Atlanta off Cleavland Ave.

This was the spot of a woman who has a crush on me but I wont take her seriously so I have been avoiding her, but she insisted and I knew that her spot would be jumping.

And damn if it wasn't!

Wall to wall booty all over the place, the food extra greasy and fattening and the drinks bottom barrel, this is were I brought the Colt 45, but plenty of it, besides they smoked so much weed you were lucky if you didn't get a contact high.

And of course the PS3 was there this time with the NBA Live running.

The ish talking was intense over here, with two people having to be separated.

Than the night got lame when some one's Son came up there plastered and high talking about his girl who is going to leave him, because there is no lights on in the house, and they are about to get evicted.

Mind you there are three adults in the house and none of them are working.

That was my cue to leave, I did the thank yous and slid out of there, got home at 3 am and didn't wake up till Friday night.

That was a good Thanksgiving.