Monday, November 24, 2008

True Story 17: Captain Save A Dumb Chick.

I told y'all about the Ex right?

This was the one women who I took serious enough to move in with and it turned into a nightmare.

The break up was bad, (I don't do good break ups, some one has to be cursed out for it to be complete), to complicate things I grew very attach to her daughter so when our relationship ended so did my relationship with the daughter, it left me bitter for a while.

Anyway I usually don't keep in touch with exs but this one has managed to get into one thing or another that has caught my attention long enough for her to keep me on speed dial.

It's usually about borrowing money since she has trouble keeping a job.

I am sorry did I say borrow?

I meant "give", cause she has yet to pay me back for anything an I know she wont.

She looses a job, I help her find one, and she screws it up and looses it to.

Car gets repo, (what kind of dealer gives a chronically unemployed person a car anyway?), I drive her around till she hustle up another one, which she always does.

Last time she had a cyst growing in her uterus that was so sever she was bed sick till it was time to get the operation.

And who had to take care of her and kid?

Yeah me, Captain Save a Dumb Chick.

Lady has enough kin to fill a football team roster but I am the one stuck giving her nursing care and baby sitting.

Any way she gets back on her feet and I figure I'm done with her, so I can plot on this older nurse that I had the hots for when I was doing my clinicals (She is one of those sassy ghetto ones I have sweet tooth for, except she is a professional and is paid).

Wrong the Ex comes calling me scared out of her mind because she got a letter from the parole boards saying her ex ,the one she hooked up with after me, was getting out early.

This is the same dude that nearly beat her into the grave with a leg from a night stand, in front of her kid, she had to jump a balcony rail to get away from him.

There is still blood stained into the carpet of her place.

He got away before the cops got there by stealing her car, I spent a night driving around the West side of Atlanta looking him and the car with her.

A guy who has a history of violence against women, the time he did before this was also for beating up a woman.

(An ex-con, now ladies should date who ever they want but they should also take notice of certain types of men, not that an ex-con cant change but he has to prove it first.)

A real winner this animal is, I know this type, see guys who like to beat up on women fall into two types, there are the ones who just combative and violent, they will fight and try anybody man, women, child.

Than there are the punks, the ones who will beat up on a woman but wont say a word to a man unless of course he has a crew to back him up.

No crew means bitch ass mannerisms, like talking smack about what they would do you to mutual people and so on.

Her recent ex is a punk, but it's not my ass he is trying to whip it's hers.

Besides I am trying to distance myself from her and her drama filled life.

But still I feel bad for her, so I try to calm her nerves.

I tell her he is not coming back for her, he didn't go back for the last one (might have had something to do with him finding her) and he will most likely move on to some other woman.

She doesn't want to hear about it and frankly I am not convinced my self.

Hell I know he will be back.

And truth be told I am hoping to be there when he does, the woman is a pain in the ass and more than likely gave this sicko a rational for his mind to do it, but you don't do that, and damn sure not in front of kid.

Besides I feel some what responsible I was so mad that I wasted time out of my life with her that I was wishing bad on her and the next thing you that happened and you know what started the beat down?

An old pic she had of me and her when we were still together she had in a shoe box of other pics (karma is a mutha no?).

Anyway she starts asking me about buying a gun which I think is a good idea for a single woman to have but this one is the high strung type, moody, with poor judgement, lousy friends, and a daughter in the house.

Some one is going to get shot.

I tell her to get a restraining order out him or a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) she agrees but she needs a ride to the court house (this is wear I put on my cape).

So of course I agree and drive her there, where she of course doesn't have money for a RO so she has to get the TPO which only last for 12 months.

While down there I ran into a friend of mine, and a very good wing pilot on a night out, who also is a cop, he is down there for get this......putting himself on child support.

That's right, he dragged his baby mother down to the court house so that he can force her to put child support on him that way he doesn't have to be bothered with her calling him and harassing him about getting married he can just get his kid on his time off and bounce.

Hell I thought I had a problem with commitment but this dude.....

I am joking around with him while his baby mother complains out loud in front of a line full of problems about how he will not commit to a relationship.

He ain't studying her one bit, just smiling while she is going off, real awkward.

I know what the deal is though, he told her up front what the game plan was and she agreed, but now she wants to start calling audibles and screwing up the playbook.

The problem with him though is that he knocked her up so now he is stuck.

I know him, hell will freeze over before he settles down, I'll have a better chance at getting to the alter.

But back to the script.....stop the press, you cant get a RO or a TPO unless you have an address.

He is still in jail so you would think problem solved serve the papers there.

But no of course not he needs an address when he is out, the Ex is on the verge of tears and I am arguing with the woman at the counter, who doesn't make the rules, telling her what a stupid rule that is.

My homeboy had to play cop and escort us out.

So I tell her to call the parole board to inform her when he gets out that she want his address and the name of who ever his probation officer is so that when he is out she can violate his butt with the quickness if he even calls her.

Guess what?

She looses the letter with the parole boards info on it and doesn't have a clue on how to get in contact with them.

I know I am stuck with her calling me till at least that RO gets put in.

I might as well be sleeping in my cape for the rest of this year.