Thursday, October 23, 2008

True Story 14: I see your going to be a problem.

This past Sunday I am sitting at home, when Ms. Booty Star calls me up and asks me if I had the movie Hoosiers.

The professor of her class is requiring her to watch the movie for a report, I say yeah and think nothing of it when she tells me she is coming over to pick it up after she gets out of the shower.

Now I already made up my mind that I was going to play it cool with her because things fell into place a little to well with her, which is a sign to me that things need to slow down.

She shows up in my to my spot at around 8pm talking to me on the phone while she pulls up.

I open the door and there she is in a red oriental style robe and high heels.

Right off the bat I know she is naked under there, and I just got set up.

I play it cool and let her in giving small talk while i give her a tour of the place even though i am moving out soon.

All the while I am doing my best to avoid looking at her when she looks at me yet sizing her up when she has her back to me.

We make it to the living room and she sits on the couch with her leg crossed and revealing one juicy leg with tattoo on it.

I sit on the other end purposely ignoring that mouth watering leg and look her dead in the eyes, I said it before I like to be the hunter not the the hunted and as excited as I am I am also a little annoyed because I KNOW this isn't going to go down the way I want it.

She has a kid at the house which means she cant stay over, and she was a freaking tease when we were dating before.

So I keep the talk about, business, friends, and her kids, but every time the conversation slows down I get to staring and she flash's a grin like "I got you".

Which wakes me back up, and I go back to parlaying.

But the uncomfortable silence grows and next thing you know i am asking her if she still has that clit ring in, and she says yes, I say can I see and she says no, so I proceed to look for my self as she "protests".

And yup there it is complete with tiny afro patch and belly tattoo.

And here it comes.

Her: You know your not getting this right?

Me: Come Again?

Her: Your not going to get this.

She says this while I am kissing her and playing with her ring.

Me: Sure what ever you say.

I am doing some heavy petting for about 15 to 25 minutes when she stops me as i reach for my zipper.

Her: I got a man.

Me: Say what?

Her: He is good to me, he helps me out with my bills.

Me: Say what?

Her: I cant mess that up?

Me: So what the fuck is this about!?

Her: Were not serious but I think you should know so you don't try to get serious.

Me Thinking: Are you fucking serious? NIGGA I STOPPED SEEING YOU.

Me saying: Again whats this about?

Her while wrapping her self up: I just want you to think about it first.

Me: Oh, OK.

My mood is completely dark at this point, conversation gets back on track, with her smiling and laughing, and me playing along.

I finally give her the movie walk her to her car, talk to her on the phone till she gets back home.
I lay down on the bed and chuckle how she got over on me and realized that I just got a recruiting pitch to be on her "team".
I am not sure how to approach since I am still plotting on the Good Girl and a couple of others I have yet to introduce.
What I do know is that Ms. Booty Star is going to be a problem.