Monday, September 8, 2008

Pet Peeves 4: Black Women Wearing Red Lipstick

Black Women Wearing Red Lipstick

I have no idea why this irks the hell out of me but it does.

It drives me crazy, violent type crazy wear I want to pull out a wet wash cloth and start rubbing it on the lips of random black women wearing that cursed color red.

I am writing this cause I came across a smooth skinned woman the other day who was wearing red lipstick, she was redbone her self so you would think it wouldn't be so bad, but hell no.

My neck stiffened up and I do that thing with my jaw when I'm trying to bite my tongue.

I wanted to be like "yo you want me to pay for you to see a make up artist?".

That mess right there has me unstable, when ever I see it.

I am not sure when this started to drive me batty, I suspect in the 90's, when everybody should have shaken off the horrors that was called 80's fashion and style.

Now although I see my self as a professional women watcher, I am normally a soft touch when it comes to women and style, to me any style that I haven't seen yet is good style.

And if a women is bold enough to rock something crazy than it adds to her sexiness which as I posted earlier

I value more than mainstream media's view of beauty.

I like it all.





Girls next door.

I can deal with it all styles, trends, fads from head to toe.

All but red lipstick.

I know that red lipstick came about to remind men of the vagina and that getting oral sex was like getting the real thing, (bloody hell it is).

I'm not impressed.

I have passed on women who wear it.

I have come up with all sorts crazy ideas to get it off the face of a woman I am dating.

One time I hid an ex's lipstick after she put it on than gave her a big wet one so that it was smudge all on her face so she had no choice but to take it off.

As a kid I threw out my mother's and blamed it on my little brother.

I spent money on Mac, Fashion Fair, just so a lady I was dating could switch it up.

I can deal with any other color, black to purple to brown and to all of it mixed into one.

But red?

I hate that mess.

I'm not sure why but I suspect as a kid I started seeing red lips as insulting.

You see this mutha right here.....

....reminds me of this.....

....which reminds me of this....

......which has me doing this....

It doesn't matter what shade of red, or what shade of black black women, hell doesn't even matter if its a white woman.

It drives me unstable.

So there it is another one of my many pet peeves.

I'm out, one.