Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful vs Sexy .

Beauty VS Sexy.


Sitting around the bullpen (that would be my residence and hang out to other bachelors) a heated discussion broke out about who was more "fine", (we had already discussed the high brow stuff like politics, religion, race, and sex..ism), between to singers that I don't even remember there names now. The conversation shifted to what you would rather have a beautiful women or a sexy women and if there is a difference in the first place?


Yes there is and I would rather have sexy was my argument.

The way I see it beauty is in the eye of the beholder for real.

If you live in a Euro-centric society like Europe or here in the States or in an Afro-centric society like say Africa, your views maybe corrupted on the matter of beauty.

And if you are a woman of color than the more qualities of the dominant society you have the more you qualify as beautiful.

There is no need to go into details and the science and race of it that has been done to death, instead lets focus on what beauty is, to break it down by definition we get;

1. pleasing to senses: very pleasing and impressive to look at, listen to, touch, smell, or taste

2. excellent: very good or enjoyable

Whats missing in here is that, in the case of women beauty, it is strictly visual eliminating taste and smell, unless you are of course a super freak such as my self than well yeah add those on too, but I digress.

Now since were talking visual, only one of the senses, and since unlike say an inanimate object, age plays a big factor, as the old saying goes beauty fades over time.

There is no appreciations of a woman who has aged poorly, only a "back in her day...".

And that is the problem with beauty, the way I see it a beautiful woman is coming up short to me in the long run.

If one is to make a long term commitment to a woman who is "just" beautiful, removing love, personality and the rest of that, than what you have is a one trick pony that needs to be put to pasture when it's all said and done.

Strictly physically speaking.

There is no longevity in it, and I know I am going to be big on geriatric sex when I get old.

Lets take a look at sexy highlighting key words;

1. arousing desire: arousing or intended to arouse sexual desire

2. aroused: sexually aroused

3. appealing: appealing because of being new, interesting, or trendy ( informal )

You see that right there, see were I am going?

That right there boys and girls has nothing to do with time but style.

You see sex is all tied into the deep part of the mind that is focused on complete gratification of desire.

And when your used to having that desire around and satisfied completely you know when it's missing.

And when it's missing all hell breaks loose.

It's the reason there is porn, Viagra, lube, french ticklers, vibrators, penile implants, breast implants, it's all about sex which doesn't have a damn thing to do with beauty.

That's why ugly people still have sex, there is an itch that needs scratching.

The idea is the woman who can get it up at will and put it down at will is queen of all she see, it's a wrap.

Hand over the pay check, the car keys, pay the bills, lose the friends, it over.

The trick now is deciding what is sexy?

It can be one thing or a combination of things.

For example.

Well developed back side?


The Way they carry them selves?



Bedroom Warfare?






The way they dress?


If your a Renaissance man such as my self than it's all of the above.

And the wonderful thing about these attributes are that they do not fade over time, well maybe the breasts.

The point is if you a woman have a handle on your sexy at 18 you'll have it 68, which mean a lot more to me than beauty.

If we get old together and I still want to jump your dusty bones at 68 well mama you are a champ.

Don't get me wrong I like to look at beauty to, but look is it, Halle may look beautiful but I know a lazy women in bed when I see one "make me feel good" my ass.

So I'll take sexy any day of the week.

And for those who suspect that I wrote this post just to have an excuse to throw half naked women on here yes you are right, you are damn right.