Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stunna of the Month 17: August; Michelle Obama

For those that don't know or who are new to this blog, I like to run a regular post called, Stunna of the Month.

This is were I honor certain women whose work and or beauty has had an effect on the lives of others and mine in some way or another.

You'll find them under the tag Stunna.

They range from very popular women to some you might not have heard of, famous to notorious, some you would call role models others you might not want around you worst enemies kids, but they all had and influence on me constantly stirring the stew called my brain, adding their own personal ingredients to my view of what a woman should be, could be, is.

Some of the women just came along at the right time in my life, like Ebony Ayes did when I kid hitting puberty.

Some I just cant shake off their swagga like Ms.Naomi "Give Em Hell" Campbell.

Others were for touching me inside like Nina Simone does with her singing.

They all mean something to me.

And now I am going to add another one to that list, Michelle Obama.

I have been avoiding putting her on because of the the fanatic support from everyone she draws.

I didn't want to look like another band wagon jumper.

But lets be honest, the woman is bad ass.

Educated, successful, loyal, honest, ambitious, good looking, the woman is out right dangerous.

And that speech at the DNC?

Well it was the final slam dunk in a blow out for the hearts of men.

Her stand by her man persona is a big turn on, and while she is going to be a hell of a role model for women out there she really is going to do a number on men.

I can see cats now turning to their girl thinking, (if there smart), or saying, (if there stupid), why cant you be more like Michelle?

All of a sudden marriage doesn't look so bad to a salty dog such as my self.

This isn't some made up mom on a sitcom that every boy had a crush on as a kid like we did with Clair Huxtable.

Only to meet some girl who gives you a quick reality check.

This one is real right in front of your face.

I'm kinda of curious to see how the next batch of little brothas turn out after growing up with her.

So in short the stunna of the Month of August, who is now officially the sexiest woman alive, Michelle Obama.