Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 14.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. High Levels Of Sarcasm And Bloody Humor Present. May Hurt The Feelings Of The Thin Skinned And The Weak Minded, The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

****It Ain't That Serious.

When I first saw this exchange my first reaction was GET HER ASS OUT OF THERE!

WTH kind of conduct is that for a reporter at the White House press conference?

It was unprofessional as hell.

But I try to look at things critically after the heat dies down that way you can identify the bodies better.

But after a little time went by, I got to say this reporter still over did it.

True, Gibbs could have saved the sly remark to April Ryan but I understand why he did it.

If your asking me what 1+1 is and I tell you it's 2 the first time and then you ask me whats 2+0, then 2/1, 2x1, it still muth#@$% 2!

And mind you your asking me this damn question while were stuck in a plane getting ready to crash.

Does April Ryan have a right to ask where the hell was White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers during all this and what her responsibilities are?

Hell yeah.

Does she have the right to hijack a press conference about what to me is a minor issue in a hostile manner?


There is no conspiracy here, someone screwed up and someone will be held responsible, yes the Secret Service should have been on their toes, but I don't know how well they can do their job if they are not informed who is supposed to be at the party, something that Desiree Rogers and her staff are supposed to be responsible for, she dropped the ball.

But still it looks like that the whole hate for this woman seems to be about her "shinning" too much at what they believe is at the expense of her job.

Smells like some old fashion haterade of the catty variety.

If someone was slack in there job the punishment is not up to us but up to the people most concerned the Secret Service and the First Family.

There the only one who should be raising hell about this.

I mean seriously, 30,000 troops going to Afgan, health care reform, the "jobless" recovery of the economy, Iraq, Iran and your sitting up there playing gossip girl about some highly over qualified event planner?

An event planner?

Damn that, ask why my light bill is so high if you want to ask something!

***I am sorry but this is funny as hell.

I hate to kick the dude while he is down but I got to say this dude had absolutely ZERO game.

Leaving your name on the mistress cell phone?

Giving her your cell phone number that you keep in the house?

More then one woman on the side?

You can tell that this cat is new to the game, a product of a sheltered life.

If your going to cheat get advice from an expert, you can afford it or better yet don't get married.

**** I don't know about you but I had a good sports weekend.

First the G-G-G-G-Giants put foot to ass of the vile Cowboys

The defense finally acted like they had a pair after acting like a JV squad against Denver.

And Eli, who still chucks it up for grabs too much for me had a good game.

On a selfish note big up to Pierre Garcon WR for Indiana who had 6 grabs for 136, (I swore he had a TD with that but it's not listed).

Why would I give this dude props?

That's right, that boy is one of us, actually there is a few of us running around in the league but he is shinning hard this season.


It was nice to see the love shown for him and to see him perform well.