Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Swear I Hate MARTA.........

MARTA is short for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, the bus and train service.

Now before I go off I will admit that my standards for public transportation is high.

I grew up in New York city, I'm not some suburbanite walking around in awe and scared of his own shadow when surrounded by "strange" looking people.

To be honest I like the adventure that you may be subject to when riding the public system.

I don't mind the old Asian lady who hops on the train and passes out her Jesus Saves pamphlets to every one.

The old black man who when not talking and laughing to himself calls everyone "dad" and bums everything from money to cigarettes at damn near every station, he is cool with me.

I don't mind the unruly alternative school kids that cause havoc when class is out, talking loud cursing and fighting.

The random burst of craziness that you get from the people with mental health issues with no where to go so they ride up and down the train routes, even when they break out into a Soulja Gurl like incident.

The DL homosexuals who ride late night trying to pick up other DL men and thus inevitably hit on straight men.

Side Note: One night after leaving work, I was on the train being watched by this dude who was built like and offensive linemen. I thought it's about to go down, this asshole thinks he is going to walk off with my wallet, than he winks at me an puckers up his lips. Hell I would have preferred that he was a mugger I promptly made my way to the next car.

I can put up with that.

What I cant put up with is a poorly run business like MARTA.

I cant put up with buses late to arrive and late to leave cause the damn bus driver is doing everything but driving the bus.

Like the one who driver who decides she needs to have a conversation with every other bus driver before she pulls off.

I cant stand the fact that YOU KNOW the damn Falcons or the Georgia Tech Football teams have home games and you don't schedule more train running thus flooding the platform with drunk fans who have no idea that your supposed to WAIT AND MAKE ROOM for arriving passengers to get off the train or bus before trying to get on.

The idiots block the doors and look at you like your crazy when you don't move, like your supposed to teleport your way out of there.


Then there is the lousy scheduling for people who work third shift or out in the sticks.

Let you not make that train station by 1245, your stuck where ever your at.

This city forces you to get a car, and that's for real.

I like riding good public transit but when i moved down here it was so random i had to learn to drive, at 21 years old.

Then they got the nerve to hike fairs, and people have the nerve to complain about traffic.

I swear I hate MARTA.