Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last Good Meal You Will Be Getting Buddy.

You know your a sorry woman when you pay your girlfriend to cook up a dinner for you so you can impress a potential boyfriend.

Learn to cook with your sorry ass.

Why you ask or not ask am I peeved by this?

Because this chick got the meal I was supposed to get so I had to take the "cook" out to dinner so she could save the money to pay the bills.

Cost me $75.

Than get this, I see the new couple a few days later and dude starts bragging about his "home made" dinner his girl cooked him and just cant stop showering praise on her.

Like she is the Iron Chef or some thing.

Im salty as hell still about it, but I dont hate on the little stuff, Im going to let it slide.

Get this though, the dude actually starts talking about she is the ONE.


Off a cooked meal your talking about marrying her?

Well thank God he ate the food and not me cause somebody must have put some menstrual blood in the sauce.

I damn near dropped dime on her ass right there just to to bring him to his senses.

But I let it slide, who am I to to interfere with matters of the heart?

Poor bastard will find out about her sooner or later, hopefully it will be before he gets his stomach pumped.