Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 13.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. High Levels Of Sarcasm And Bloody Humor Present. May Hurt The Feelings Of The Thin Skinned And The Weak Minded, The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

****You know your blogging too much when you hand in an essay but refer to it as your "post".

Way too much.

****Somebody needs to lose their job for real.

What the hell was the Secret Service doing?

You let two professional nut jobs just walk into the White House state dinner party and shake the President's hand?

Touch the President?

I can think of ten different ways to do harm to him off the top of my head.

This is not acceptable.

Not this President, and not in these times do you let that go on.

You might not get another chance to mess up and get away with it.

And I am about tired of these reality TV star wannabes disrupting the public consciousness with their antics, some one is going to have to be made a serious example of why you need to sit your ass down and get a regular job.

Police Department stats city of New York:

In 2008 there were 461 murders in New York City, as of 11/15/09 there are 403 murders.

In 2008 there were 1170 reported rapes, as of 11/15/09 there are 1049.

Hhhhhmmmmmmm.....yes......yes I can see how New York city is so much safer now that this man,.........

.....Plaxico Burress is in jail after shooting himself with his own gun in November of 2008.

Thus violating New York's hand gun laws and prompting the mayor Michael "Three-peat" Bloomberg....... get on a soap box and demand that he be made an example of.

Yes lord knows that the city is soooooo much safer now that this villainous threat is locked away safely behind bars.

Thus allowing New York to show the world their high value for the rule of law.........unless of course you count Mayor Bloomberg's manipulation of the law to allow him to run for another term as new York city mayor.

But hey!!!!

That's OK, cause like him riding to the rescue of the city in the case of Burress the mayor is just doing his part to save the city from it's self.

****In Related News..........

The Giants are pissing me the hell off, we should be owning the NFC East.

I really, really need the giants to put their foot down next week, all over that Star.

Because when the season is over I am going to be stuck following the Knicks and I swear to God they are doing everything possible to put me in the grave.

****Heard the buzz over Adam Lambert's AMA performance......

Now I don't watch to many music award shows since no who deserves the awards gets it and everything is just rehashing whats on the radio.

It's like showing the punt return highlight in football, you only see it for two reasons some one scored big or someone screwed up big.

Watch adam lambert kissing a guy live at AMA 2009 in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

After watching this to be honest I couldn't tell you if this is "extra" or not.

I would have to see if the AMA and other award shows had anything this risky on before.

If so then this is much ado about nothing and people are pretty much offended because dude is sweeter then a bag of candy on Halloween.

People need to chill.

If not then yeah old boy here went over the top with it and should have saved this.

But I will point out that at these shows you have a whose who of dysfunctional knuckleheads guilty of REAL crimes and no one tells them to get to stepping.

I'm just saying.......

**** And Finally....

Now the rumor is that Tiger Woods got tuned up by his wife for supposedly cheating on her.

Now no one knows for sure yet what went on besides those two but lets say it happened to address a point.

Two things, one there was some good golf related jokes on this and that's fair game to me.

But the second thing is not fair game, if your thinking that it's OK for her to act a fool cause he supposedly cheated than you a FOOL.

That is a two way street your going down and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, you let this slide you let men who beat on women for the same offense slide, it's only logical.

Besides that lets say he decided to turn around and rearrange that oh so pretty face of hers performing amateur plastic surgery on her bad ass for putting hands on him, what the hell y'all going to say?

Cry foul?

Keep your hands to your selves people.