Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 11.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

****I was going to do this as a Good News Tuesday post but hell everyone knows about this.

Congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Although I have no idea why you won it, but here is what I am guessing;

1- You won it for bringing awareness about.....I guess peace.

Several award winners have won the award before actually achieving anything, Al Gore won it for bringing attention to global warming and that's still and issue.

The idea here is about potential, which leads to......

2- Potential.

This maybe a slick way by the award givers to to try to influence the Presidents future actions specifically in foreign policy.

The President has to make a decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan or pulling out, there is the mess that is Iraq, the pests that is North Korea, the two faced Pakistan, treacherous Iran, and the more trouble than they will ever be worth Israel.

Lets be real could you really blame Obama if the first thing he did when he got to office was to press the hell out of the big red button?

I know I wouldn't.

This maybe away of saying "please take it easy".

3- For being black.

I cringe at this one but this is a possibility, this country is not considered enlightened when compared to the Europeans who enjoy reminding us about this.

Yet we elected a black President, that's something the eastern Europeans and the old colonial powers including the swirl spots that is Britain and France can never claim to come close to doing.

That is something to think about and also a cause for reflection, as in what the hell is wrong with y'all.

4- And finally and my favorite, for just not being George Bush.

Just that simple, Bush, and "the gang that could shoot straight", big bully foreign politic style pissed the entire planet off.

Anything other than him would be a welcome change.

I can dig that.

Regardless of the reason Im happy for it and I am enjoying watching the Obama haters have fits over it.


Rush "Boss Hog" Limbaugh is a part of a group that wants to buy the St. Louis Rams football this Master Provocateur got it into his thick head that he should have the right to own a professional sports team in a sport dominated by his favorite punching bags, African Americans is bold as hell.

Lets be real that dude just wants to say he owns black players literally.

The messed up part is as absurd as the idea is I wouldn't put it past the league to go along with it.

Im still waiting on word from the league and the media about Ben Roethlisberger and his "alleged" rape incident.

The right thing to do would be to tell good old Rush is "don't call us, will call you".

And don't stop there either, any group that would count that ruffian among it's ranks need to be given the Reject stamp right across their for heads to.

I never liked that punk ass Dave Checketts anyway from back in his days with the Knicks.

**** Yes I know it's selfish.......

......I know it is not gentleman like behavior.......

......some would say it is even rude.......


......they would even label me as a true scoundrel........

..........I am sorry........

.......but when I spend the night with a woman after making love........

.........I will not sleep on the wet side of the bed........

......Damn That......


Went to a friend's house to watch the Kimbo Slice farce on TV.

He had a young lady over who he met a couple of weeks ago at a gas station, this would be their first date.

They were all lovey dovey at first than things change, the phone rings, or to be specific her phone rings.

All through the night she is on the phone, but not just that, she is walking into other rooms to talk, walking outside, and at one point locking herself in the bathroom.

She is talking so much that she borrows my phone when her phone goes dead and doesn't charge fast enough.

Off the rip I knew it was another dude she was talking to by her behavior, that and the fact that she was yelling on the phone explaining were she wasn't.

But she is young, which means she is dumb and it's not my problem.

But my homeboy on the other hand is .38 hot about it, he think it's rude and truth is, it is.

Hella rude.

So after the fight he bangs on the bathroom door and tells her it's time to go, she steps out and doesn't miss a beat, phone in ear yapping away, all the while he is talking to her demanding to know why she is acting like that and this cluck is ignoring him and still talking on the phone.

All the way to the car.

I jump in the back seat so I can get a ride to the liquor store before heading to the house, she is riding shotgun and yapping away, he is yelling at her, she is still ignoring him, so he turns the radio up.

Way up.

She tries to turn it down he slaps her hand away and NOW she gives him his attention, the argument starts, he is calling her all sorts of bitches at this point.

And she is cursing right back, this goes on while he makes a U-turn and decides to drop her off at the train station and kick her out the car, in the middle of the cold as hell night.

We get there and he he tells her to bounce to which she refuses to do.

My buzz from the drinking......completely shot.

It's at this point she wants to explain why she is on the phone and basically showing her ass.

Apparently she is 2 months pregnant and she is trying to get the dude on the phone to pay for the abortion.

Yes....that's right.....I will give you time to digest this........

I'm speechless, not that I was saying anything anyway, but homeboy who just got this bit of info doesn't miss a beat.

"Bitch get the fuck out."

She than turns to me and asks me if that isn't an important enough reason to be on the phone.

I don't even know this chick, so I say, hey this is between you all, I can see in the look in her eyes she doesn't like that one bit.

But damn that, I came to see a professional fight on TV not an amateur one from the back seat of a Chevy.

This chick than says she is going to call the cops if he tries to put her out, that's when I try to say something but before I could get the words out of my mouth she cuts me off with "no don't try to say anything now you didn't want to speak before your not a real man, there are no real men in this car no real man would put a woman out" and she sides eye my homeboy.

I'm in the back like stunned, "say what...." is all I could get out my mouth, my homeboy doesn't miss a beat again, he goes "yeah but a real nigga would now bitch get out."

She again refuses, so he says "OK you wont? I bet you will be out when I take you around the corner."

And speeds off.

Well I guess the girl got the hint and jumps out of the car as he is driving off.

A particularly impressive move since she landed on her feet, in high heels, and STILL manages to slam the door while getting out.

I mean I got to give the girl 20 points for that for real.

Homeboy in the mean while is still hot and going off about it while driving.

And to top it off the time wasted on this episode caused me to miss the getting to the store before it closes.