Monday, July 27, 2009

So What You Going To Do Now Goodell?

I never liked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Nothing personal, it's not like I was hating him for no reason he earned it.

You see when he first got the gig, (which I was happy about because people kept bouncing the idea of Condoleezza Rice which would have drove me nuts), I said cool.

Like any incoming administrator he wanted to set the rules down. Show people how he wanted things run, and what the goals were.

His platform was to protect the brand that is the NFL, cause unlike other sports the teams and the league are bigger stars than the players, that's the way they set it up.

And protecting the bran means cracking the whip on misbehavior of players around the league who couldn't keep their nose, hands and penises clean.....literally.

No more boys will be boys, it's men will be men from now on.

How can you argue with that?

but than my radar started going off, the one that automatically kicks and fills me with an extreme dislike for people in authority who I think hold too much power.

Power with no checks and balances and no sense of justice.

You see it kicked in with Adam "Pacman" Jones who got suspended for getting in a fight.

Now trust me Adam did enough to warrant something, like the Stupidest N@#$ in the World Award, but the back of my mind kept saying "how do you justify suspending some one who hasn't been convicted of a crime?".

Than there was Chris Henry, another nominee Stupidest N@#$ in the World Award for who caught a suspension for allegedly punching some kid in the face.

Charges that never made it to court but didn't stop him from getting a suspension.

Again there goes that radar.

There are some more names on the list that you can say deserved it but the one that sticks out is Mike Vick, suspended before he ever got to court, for a crime against animals with the old commish toying with the idea of suspending him even longer now that he is out of jail.

My radar went ballistic during this period.

No this guy has a little too much juice and no one is questioning him about it.

Not the media who in reality hate professional athletes out of pure jealousy and revel in their falls.

Not players who cant seem to understand that they are basically working on a plantation were the teams will use and spit you out with little to know compensation.

Not the Player's Union, who by their very definition should be all over Goodell's butt when ever he looks side ways at a player, which only confirms my belief that they are in cohots with each other thus giving it to the players from both ends.

Not a word.

Roger Goodell is the Dick Cheney of football prosecutor, judge, executioner and 0 accountability.


But hey I believe if your not going to help your self than why should I say anything?

If the players want to act like a drunk teenage girl on prom night........

......that's on them.

I cant do nothing for you man.

But wait whats seems that one of the league's golden boys has got his dip stick caught in the door.

Ben Roethlisberger

Two time Super Bowl champ all around good guy, one of the NFL's favorite sons, has been accused of rape.

Now personally, I'm not buying it.

There are too many holes in this story.


In the Kingdom of Goodell accusation is enough, Ben doesn't have to go to trial, he if he settles out of court it might as well be a guilty verdict.

If he goes to trial well than he should be suspended like the other players who who never made it to trial before be told to get to stepping.

The only way out of this for Ben is if the accuser got up there and said, "hey I'm lying I was just trying to get a check.".

That's the only way given Goodell's track record.

Now if Goodell doesn't do anything........well I'm going to call a spade a spade and say this is some racist bullshit.

And that goes for the Union too if they open their mouths up now.

And maybe that will wake the players up to see how there is not much difference between this..........

.....and this.......

So basically all I am saying is what the next move Goodell?

It's on you now.