Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stunna of the Month of June Leslie Segar

I'm way late with these but better late than never.

Before BET became............well......BET, it used to have a decent show called Rap City.

Hosted by cool VJ in Joe Clair and the ultimate around the way girl Leslie "Big Lez" Segar.

Back than rap wasn't the mess it is now everything was new, innovated, sincere and somewhat innocent, and Rap City and Big Lez personified that.

Most dudes I knew had a crush on Lez, she was the girl next door that you wanted to get with and if you couldn't you didn't want to see her done dirty.

She managed to be sexy in a wholesome sort of way that only she seems could only pull off and make believable.

Yeah you wanted to do all sorts of nasty things to her in the bedroom, but you wouldn't mind putting a ring on her finger to do it.

If that makes sense.

From her website Leslie Segar.

The multi talented & highly respected dancer/choreographer, on-air radio DJ, television journalist & VJ, fitness specialist & stage & film actress is the "Jane of All Trades, Master of All"

A woman in demand, Leslie was recently one of the CO-hosts of the Steve Harvey Morning Show in Los Angeles, at her former number 1 station, 100.3 The Beat/KKBT, Los Angeles.

Always ahead of the curve, Leslie was also the on-air DJ & producer of "Hot Jamz," the premiere national commercial free R&B music station on Sirius Satellite Radio. Leslies at-home studio allows for extensive voice tracking & voice over production. she is known throughout the industry, has radio experience that has traveled across the country. From her on air midday radio DJ stint @ Los Angeles 92.3 The Beat/KKBT, to New York's/WQHT/Hot 97, Atlanta's WAOK/V103 along with Los Angeles's Big Boy Morning Show at KPWR/Power 106

This former host & producer of BET's Rap City (7 years) is credited for conducting many first interviews for international artists like, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, Wyclef Jean, the Fugees and more. Her incredible television experience allows her to flow with or without the use of teleprompters, or scripts allowing for a natural flow of knowledge & personality.

So the Stunna for the month of June is Big Lez.