Saturday, August 1, 2009

Public Service Announcement 10: MOMS

This is not about MILFs, (I'll save that for another time).

MOMS is actually a acronym for Missing Or Murdered Sisters, a group of residents in North Carolina has placed a digital billboard up in their community showing the faces of the the missing and murders of black women the city of Rocky Mountain (read here).

5 of the murders are connected which is a sign that there is a serial killer out there who is targeting black women with similar backgrounds.

The murders date back to 2005 and progress has been slow in solving the cases as well as very little public attention given to it.

There are a number of reason why this might be, first being that the women are all black.

In a society that sees very little value in the lives of blacks in general, even among our own, the sad truth is the lives of black women are seen as doubly cheap and thus expendable.

To add on to this the life style of the women, who struggled with drug addiction and engaged in prostitution, may have consciously or subconsciously allowed the public to dismiss the murders all together as something of a "natural" occurrence to people in that life style.

That type of thinking is cruel and dangerous.

These women were human beings first.

These women were someones mother, daughter, sister, cousin, and or friend.

Some one at one time or another loved them and will miss them.

No one can be certain what the circumstances in their lives were that led them down this path but I have learned over time a turn left instead of right, a choice taken or not taken, a choice forced upon you, can easily be the difference maker on whether you become a CEO or First Lady or a junkie and or worse.

What I am certain is that if given the right amount of time, attention, and help anyone can change, but these women were robbed of even that small opportunity, something they were at the very least deserving of having.

Surely their lives were worth that small price.

And despite the pattern who is to say that the next woman would not be a stand up citizen in society?

A single working mother on her way home from a long day at work.

A college student rushing to class to take her final.

A house wife shopping for the kids.

A young lady starting a job in the career she worked hard to get.

Whose to say it wouldn't be you?

That control is not in your hands, it's in the hands of a predator who sees you as prey.

He is the judge, jury, an executioner, playing God with someones life.

If not for their lives than what about yours?

I joke around about I thank God I was born a man but not really, it's hell out here for women and black women rank last in that category, that needs to change like yesterday.

Symphony from Essential Presence put me on this and has provided the links for contact info with the residents and to make donations to keep that billboard running.

I'm sure what ever you can spare would be more than appreciated, it could save lives.

That's all for now, back to our regularly scheduled debauchery.