Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 7.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

****Karma is a B%$#^ Vol. 1

The little girl I blessed on her graduation day and seemed to have attitude?

Flunked the reading part of her exam that is required to test out of her grade.

On one side I feel bad for her to be stuck in summer school, on the other hand..........

****Karma is a B$%^$%& Vol. 2

The Ex?

Word came back that her cysts are flaring up and putting her in sever pain, between you and me I see a good chance she is going to have to get a hysterectomy to settle that issue.

And to top it off a mutual friend sent me a picture to my phone of her hair which is falling out in clumps.

Pretty bad looking too.

Don't feel any which way about it so I think thats a good thing.

I may test my karma out and post that pic......

****Classes started up yesterday and I am already sick of it.

This time they played slick and didn't have the assigned textbooks for classes listed.

Which means no shopping online for a deal, which means stuck paying $122 for a used softcover 350 page chemistry book.

If education is the KEY than why don't they make it f@#$% FREE?!

****Jobs I will never do again...

Surgical tech for any gynecological procedure.

Ever..Ever....EVER AGAIN!

The things that I have seen in that OR no man has any business seeing, in fact I question the sanity of any male doctor who would work in that field of medicine.

If there was ever was a reason to demand all little girls pay attention in school and ship them off to Med school it's so they can work on their own broken coochies.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the VajJay is a beautiful thing but only at certain angles and under the right circumstance.

If not that mutha can be out right scary and dare I say disgusting, to think were my mouth has been when I recall some of those operations.

I was in the OR assisting a doctor who was supposed to take a small biopsy of some cysts that this woman had growing in her uterus, now Gyn and Proc are considered "dirty" procedures so not much emphasis is put in sterility but your still expected to keep a clean ship.

Well the Doctor decided she was going to do the operation in her flip flops, problem was she chose a very ripe cysts for the biopsy.

She burst it making the incision and the next thing you know this funky fluid the exact color and thickness of nacho cheese comes pouring out......

......and splashes all over feet, she tries to get up and back off and winds up slipping in the mess.

That was all I needed to see, from that day on I made sure to trade off on any Gyn procedure.

****Forgot to mention me and Ms. GG went to see the Bodies Exhibit a while back.

It was interesting but it kept playing in my mind that this was a human being that I am looking at on display here.

Yeah it's a learning tool and the deceased gave the OK, (I think), but it's still a bit unnecessary and morbid if you ask me.

Hell I'll go on to say out right disrespectful, there was nothing up there that they couldn't manufacture and show.

Which means the real appeal is ogling some ones stripped down corpse out on display.

That is a bit much.

**** What Im Rockin...........

The K'Naan joint is hot to death!!

I hate buying albums because a lot of these artist are straight up thieves.

If it's not a CD with two or three singles and the rest of fillers, it's a an album made up of singles with no cohesion, basically a compilation album.

I wont be robbed of my money least of all by a lazy ass musician who thinks he is "spitting hot fire".

I will rob you muth%#&%#, I'll bootleg the hell out of your trife butt and give it away for free.

So when ever I come across an artist that makes an effort I give him or her his respect, and if they do exceptional work I big them up.

K'Naan gets the big up treatment.

The beats are crisp and simple and a bit nostalgic inducing with track like "ABCs", (ft Chubb Rock), lamenting the lack of book education for the young forcing them to be street educated instead.

There's T.I.A (This Is Africa), a track where he lets "studio gangstas" know what hardcore life in Africa is really like.

Than there is the "If Rap Gets Jealous” (featuring Kirk Hammett of Metallica) were he defends his right to think outside the box of Hip-Hop.

And to top the whole thing off the man can spit hot fire, lyrically smooth and clever a breath of fresh air to what is just basically conversational raps we here now on the radios.

This album is not as earthy as his first album The Dusty Foot Philosopher, but it's easier to digest for the casual rap fan.

**** Why is it that when you don't want to be bothered that's when women decide they want to give you some play?

Any other time your chasing them all over the planet.

Four different women in my complex are all smiley in my face with the hellos and conversation mean while I'm walking around with a beware of mad dog, look on my face.

These same ones would give me the cold shoulder every time I say hello now you want to talk?


**** This movie was damn good.

It's not as bad as you think it is, and it's not Boogie nights.

A pretty cool romantic comedy.


No Good......

Leave the erotic athletic stuff to the experts.

****Man I am glad he is on the outs......

If there is anyone that can save the GOP's collective butt it's Colin.

Moderate, thoughtful, honest, decisive, has the ability to see past the tip of his nose and take into account the consequences of the decision you make.

He can be there Obama and turn the party around.

But like a crackhead who enjoys his high you cant save them if they don't want to be saved, you got to let them hit rock bottom.

Besides I question his desire to fight a war of ideals, he kept his mouth shut during the Bush and Cheney fiasco as dumb and evil led us down a path of ruin.

The good soldier doesn't make changes he instead keeps the status quo.