Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who like cat fights!!


But this.....this right here is ridiculous........

Maybe I'm getting old or civilized what ever the case you cant help feel sorry for this chick, it was obvious she didn't want to fight but she catches a senseless beat down anyway.

Or maybe it the old code that states that you do not beat down a person who doesn't want to fight.

These knuckleheads actually held her hostage, and displayed the beat down.

Which leads me to this was NOT ABOUT A MAN.

Let me repeat that THIS WAS NOT ABOUT A MAN.

I have been on the giving and receiving end of plenty of beat downs by jump crews to know what the catalysts are.

Oh yes sure the women say it is about a man but it's not, this was about disrespect.

These women were supposedly friends so this was brewing for a while.

This was an alpha female angry that a beta female stepped out of position so she is going to put her right back in place.

That's why the girl was beaten mercilessly even though she didn't put up a fight, and was told repeatedly to shut up and don't move, it was about putting her back in her place.

And is it me or are criminals becoming even more stupid?

Y'all worried about people snitching when your telling on your selves, originally from Characters Corner.

Boy oh boy, self snitching at it's most finest.

This is better than the Trashman's own self inflicted jail time.

The Internet is a dangerous place for the mentally challenged, here is a word to wise for all the Internet gangstas of the world.

If you put your dirt on the net, and haven't been busted yet it's only because the cops are to busy on the streets to sit in front of the computer or they haven't fond your "confession" yet.

But give them some time they will catch up to you, ask all the other idiots sitting in jail because their own computer was the star witness for the prosecution.