Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Question Of Etiquette.....

Remember the kid's graduation I went toin the last post?

I brought her one a Mario Kart game for her Nintendo DS last Friday and left it at a friends house who she and her mother vists frequently.

The little girl calls me up a couple of times that day and the next asking if I was going to bring it over.

I tell her if I have time I'll try but I have been scrambling all week, besides her mom has a car so I kinda expected her to get it for her.

Well she gets the game and calls me later to say thanks, but it was the kind of thanks that seemed forced, like she was ticked that she had to wait.

Now Im think am I dealing with a spoiled little brat or was I wrong for not dropping it off?

Are you olbigated to deliver presents?

Just a thought.