Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 5.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

Well now that I am back I have some catching up to do so shall we begin than?

Lets see what has gone on.......

****Yeah I missed putting out a Stunna of the month last month so for the March is Beyonce...

I, for some reason, love this lady for more than her good looks, yes a swagga jacker, the master of chick songs, the non acting actress.......

but damn if baby ain't a go getter!!!!!!!

You cant deny it that woman and her team puts in WORK!

She also has the juice to get movies made with black people in it that we wouldn't normally see.

Tell the truth now who else could have gotten Obsessed on the big screen and make it win at the box office?

Only she can that's who.

That's why I put her on.

****My mother is coming into town to try to talk me into going to medical school.....in Mexico.

Lets see......drug wars.....kidnappings.......Swine flu.......being a broke college student......my hatred for moving around fueled by her love for moving around when I was a kid......oh yeah and the whole language thing.

Nope, not going to happen.

****How cool was this....

Never judge a book by it's cover.

*****Yes that's right the President is still black and the nation has not gone the way of the old Roman empire as of yet.

How ever the GOP have collectively lost it's damn mind........errr....more so than usual that is....

Tea bagging...I mean tea parties?

Do these people even know what there mad about?

Your mad because Obama gave you a tax break?

Or are you mad because he hiked up the taxes on the wealthy, which is not you all, and made them pay there fair share?

Or are you mad about the stimulus package when your own leaders didn't provide a reasonable alternative?

How can Faux News still consider the stuff the spew out journalism?

I would have sympathy for the crazy since i lost my mind a couple of weeks ago but this ish right here is on a whole new level and it doesn't look like there going to stop or get back into power any time soon at this rate which makes me say.............

****You know I do love chicken but........

I just don't recall Popeye's chicken being that good, maybe it's me..........

****Irony: It is rumored that in the Essence magazine Halle Berry says she is done with black men cause they treated her like ish. (If half of what she says is true who can blame her)

The Ironic part you ask?

Wesley Snipes, who dated Halle, said basically the exact same thing about black women a few years ago in an Ebony magazine.

I wonder why it never worked out between the two they seemed like such a perfect match. (Insert venomous dripping sarcasm here.)

****On another note should black men drop her like a bag of hot funk now that she said that, the way black women dropped Snipes when he opened up his big mouth?

While were at it exactly how bright are these two to basically ish on half the fans that made you?

****Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Call Off Their Engagement.


This cant possibly be true. (Again insert sarcasm for the short yellow bus riders among you).

They were such a perfect match, I just knew they were going to make it, like......well....like the Obamas.

I haven't been this disappointed since Whitney and Bobby Brown broke up......seriously.

****Monkeys with Guns 9.

I hated I missed this one......

Dude seriously?

You just gonna give her a beat down on camera like that?

I actually cringed when I saw this.

Yes she is a thief and I have no doubt she ran her mouth but....WTF?!

You don't do no mess like that to a woman, a kid, hell anybody!

Lets take a couple of notes here.

1- He did it quickly which means he has done it before.

2- Since he didn't pause he has beaten women before.

3- His partner backed him up quickly which means he has been through this before.

Dude does not need to have a job in law enforcement.

****This was not cool........

White House apologizes for Obama plane's NY flyover

Half the city stroked out on this stunt, somebody was not using their head.