Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 3

****They make video games about Rape? Damn! I cant let this slide.

I am of the opinion that the Japanese don't have a clue, no cruel intentions behind what they do I don't believe, (although I have noticed that they do show a lot of rape going on in their older movies at least) but this and the Resident Evil video game set in Africa which is a KKK/Neo-Nazi wet dream,........

........shows a serious lack of sensitivity, (would it have killed them to make the hero look black or better yet make the female counter part look black too instead of a white woman with a bad tan?).

Neither of those games should hit the market anywhere a kid can get his hands on it.

I ain't saying they racists.......but they could use some teaching........and maybe a smack or two.


Now I wonder were those two learned to do that?

Kids have to run around here like it's Never Never Land to survive.

Cold world out there, no one is safe to be around.

**** Finally some one using there head!!!

There going to do it anyway people you cant stop it!!!!

Instead of us spending money on chasing users and pushers and destroying communities by snatching men out of their homes and throwing them in the penitentiary make the money work for society.

Build schools, create jobs that is not based on locking people up for a damn plant, fund health care, turn the economy around and save everybody a headache.

**** This is racist.

Clear and simple.

You can point the incident were a chimp mauled the woman and the cops had to shoot it.

True and that's exactly what the NY Post and the cartoonist would like you to believe when they put this out.

But that reference went out the window the moment the cartoonist, Sean Delonas, put that caption up.

That tied it to the POTUS, who the stimulus bill represents.

The NY Post called him a monkey and said he should be shot.

That is pretty clear to me.

You cant hustle a hustler I know what they were REALLY saying.

Were talking about a cartoonist, like the NY Post, who has a history of social baiting.

Now not everyone has the stomach for this kind of stuff.

They would rather not deal with it.

I can respect that, do you.

What I cant respect is some one trying to convince me that I have no reason to be upset about this.

Now you can say you don't want to think about it (stick your head in the sand while the rest of Rome burns, if your lucky your ass wont catch on fire).

You can say it doesn't bother me because I know don't look like a monkey (yeah but they think you do Bobo).

You can say it means nothing (nothing to you but something to the coward who spray paints nigger on your car or house at night).

You can say there are other things more important in the national news, (true, but this will have an affect on you like).

What you cant say is people shouldn't be upset and take action against a bias rag and artist that continually takes a piss on you and swears it's raining.

You do have all the right to look away.

****BTW you know this Sean Delonas writes children books?

You want this dude in the head of your kids?

Not even books are safe.

**** And another thing I like Al Sharpton, at least he gets up and does something while every one else complains and don't do squat.

Than get mad when the cameras are in his face?

He was elected spokesman for black by default, everyone else stayed home and kept their mouths shut while your brothers and sisters got screwed over.

You'll miss him when he is gone.

But he do need to change up that perm though.