Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deal Breaker 9: The Bottler.

You ever met some one who liked to hold stuff inside of them and let it fester and all of a sudden they blow up in your face with what ever they were carrying around inside of them?

At the craziest time?

For something that might not even have anything with why they are mad?

And your left there trying to figure out what the hell was that all about?

And than it dawns on you that this person has been walking around screwed face with you while playing silent and smiling in your face and hasn't been saying anything letting you think everything is cool?

Who do you think should shoulder that?

If you ask me, (and I know you didn't but too late here it comes), it's the bottler.

Here is the thing, I like to consider myself an approachable guy, a person can ask me anything at all, and I'll answer them.

Now the answer you get may not be what you like to hear, but rest assured it will be an honest answer from me for how I feel about it at the time.

That way there are no misunderstandings, no fake attitude going on, no behind the back mess.

No two faced nonsense going on.

Get it out in the open and deal with it like adults.

Cause contrary to popular belief I am not a mind reader or a detective.

And if it is that serious we can go are separate ways with out having to be jerks about it.

See that way I still have respect for you even if we cant agree.

I dated a woman who had issues with me not wanting to stay on the phone with her.

As soon as the convo got stale I would just say call you next time, nothing more, no big deal.

No running off to chase some other woman, didn't mean I didn't like you, just meant I didn't want to stay on the phone listening to air.

She got mad with me when I was trying to get off the phone with her one night and dumped me on the spot.

I was like what?!

Now if she had said something before I would have made an adjustment, got a damn blue tooth and just left the ear piece on.

Than there was the one who got upset with me cause I didn't speak a lot.

I could come be with her and not say two words to her all day and kiss her on the cheek goodbye when I left.

Didn't mean I was up set with her.

Didn't mean I was caught up in thought.

It meant that when I have something important to say I would say it, that's what the hell it meant!

But know not her I get a talking to about why I have an attitude in the middle of Fox Theater.


What kind of passive-aggressive nonsense is that?

Again if it was that serious and she said something I would have said something, hell I would of read the news paper or read a woman's magazine and talked your God damn ear off if you wanted.

But I refuse to take blame for this, no.

No not for this mon cheri.....some other justifiable offense that I am sure I will do in the course of the relationship that will make you contemplate grinding up glass in my food or throwing hot grits one me but this my love?

No, no, no, no, not this.

You see I have a bad habit of thinking that grown people I talk to act their age.

That's what I think.

I figure well hell I am grown man, she is grown woman, so will act grown and open our mouths and speak when thought arrive there.

That's the impression I was under.

I believe this, I am old school, I would rather die alone in a cold grave than spend my life with a woman who is too childish to speak her mind and than blames me for not getting the "hints".

It's more about you and your thin skin than us as a team in the relationship.

I can not play with them.

I can not build with them.

I can not respect them.

Cant do it.

Deal Breaker.