Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 4

**** Not to brag......well hell let me do, I got the funkiest play list around.

**** Celebrities are not Gods.

They do not have the option of being absolved of critique of how they conduct their lives because you like them.

Because that life they lead holds influence over impressionable minds and can corrupt them in ways you can not see or measure till their is an epidemic.

So when I called out R. Kelly, Young Berg, Chris Brown and others for doing something that is unbecoming for some one who want to be in the public light, I am in the right.

And that includes Erykah Badu and the blogger who masquerade as anonymous, (I know who the fuck you are now), on my comment section and started in with insults cause she didn't like me calling her out.

**** And that leads to this.

Calling out women who I think do wrong or something messed up does not make me sexist.

It makes me more of a feminist than most including you cause I treat them just like men no kid gloves.

But than again I was raised by some REAL women who handled business so maybe that's why I am not tolerant of bullshitting ass women.

**** Plucking the strings on an acoustic guitar while singing does not mean you have talent if,

A) You cant hold a note when you sing.

B) You play the same damn chords over and over again.

C) Your song writing sucks.

That's like people who keep books on their shelves that they really don't understand or like but when people see it they think there deep.

Yeah it looks artsy, it looks folksy, you might fit in very well with the root and berry crowd, but you still cant play.

If your going to pick it up at least practice!

Youtube is full of them.

**** Sign that you need to upgrade the women you date.

When you cant find any one interested in going to the Alvin AILEY American Dance Theater performance but want to go to a club instead.

****Now that I think about it why the hell do I want to go see Alvin AILEY American Dance Theater?

****Heard about when Chrisitan Bale blew up on the set?

Family Guy does.

LMAO, but for real the guy who he blew up on took it well.

I my self would have beaten the bastard into a bloody pulp, punk would have been gumming his lines after that.