Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good News Tuesday: President Obama signs SCHIP

The feel good vibe is not over yet during post-election year so far for President Obama, but you can feel there is some sobriety settling in among us supporters as people start to worry about their jobs they do or do not have.

And the GOP and Fox News have geared it up as they are already fight every idea that pops up and than blame it on Obama as they set the stage for the next election.

So let me light a candle instead of trying to cast a shadow in the dark cause the truth is the ball is in the White House's court and we have to wait and see if the stimulus package will give the economy a jolt.

Here is something I like to bring up as good news that you can see now since people are expecting to wave a magic wand and turn everything around today because they are to short sighted to see the benefits of the stimulus package in the long run.

So here is some good news for Tuesday that may have been lost in the mass panic of the economy.

Friday, February 6, 2009
President Obama signs SCHIP (the State Children's Health Insurance Program) legislation into law

You cant possibly have beef with this one.