Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 2

*****If there was ever a holiday that I was glad I am working on it's this one.

I got out of three dates tonight cause of it, now some might think well that's what you get for messing with three woman.


They were really good friends that I have been flirting with and feeling out yet some how they were completely available tonight and were hinting at going out.

I just got my car out the shop and I am tapped out any way.

This was a God send.

*****Speaking of cars since when have mechanics tried to play men for fools?

I have been getting hesitation out my truck at high speeds and couldn't figure it out why myself so i took it to the mechanic last week to have them check it out, I am thinking it's may be the transmission.

This dude tells me that's he is going to have to take the tranny out and take it apart to find out what the problem is and that it will cost $900.

This of course wont include the price for actually fixing what ever the problem really is.

Say what?

Dude didn't even look at the rest of the car he just went off what I thought it might be.

I am staring at this dude like are you serious?

I mean for real I am supposed to be cool with that?

So I take my joint to another spot and they tell me it's the distributor and fuel injectors and it will run $400.

That other bastard doesn't have to worry about getting my business again.

*****Back to V-Day, I got over like a fat rat this time around in terms of keeping my money, three cards $12, three dozen roses $36, one wine and country Godiva Collection Gift Basket retail $50 I get it for free (it's good to work for a company that likes to treat it's workers right).

Total $46.

What I spent last year?

$375 and change, I don't even have the cheap ass gifts that were passed off on to me anymore.

***** On another note who loves a catfight?


I gave one of my lady friends a ride to the Dekalb county jail, were one of her family members was being held, for visitation, (yeah, yeah I know keep the jokes to your self).

While there there is this cute little lady with a baby talking to her friend, loudly about why she has to wait 45 minutes to see her fiance.

I can tell she is getting hot by the second.

She than goes on about how that "bitch" better not be up there, you get were this is going right?

Well the door opens up to let the visitors out..... the lady hands her kid to her friend......I tense up......a bigger girl walks out through the door........BAM!!!

That little woman dropped the hell out of her!!

She is beating the hell out of this chick, I mean this isn't even a catfight this is a straight beat down.

Everyone in the room is just stunned frozen except the guards who jumped her after what seemed forever to me.

She is cursing up a storm the other girl is on the floor bloody as hell, I know her nose is broke.

This nut went and beat up a girl in a prison waiting room while her kid watched.

One kid with mom and dad locked up.

Loving couple sharing the same prison yet still cant see each other.

Guards with a short trip to go to lock her ass up.

I fully entertained.

That's your people.

****Speaking of people, my people....... damn that, Mimi and Wynsters come get your cousin.

I hope everyone had a good one and if not there is tomorrow, now excuse me I got to pretend to do some work.