Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Make It Rain Stimulus Package.

I couldn't wait till next Tuesday to put up this good news.

The stimulus package regardless of what you heard is a good thing.

1-It gives tax beaks to 95% of families even the ones who doesn't make enough to pay income taxes, (how the hell do you get by on that?).

2- Income tax deduction for sales taxes paid on new autos and interest payments on car loans.

3- It makes money spent on home improvements geared toward energy efficiency tax deductible.

4- The $13 you get in your check although may not seem that much you multiply that by 100 million working people with the idea that they spend it (which is why they only gave so much so you don't try to hoard it), that's $1.3 billion pumped back into the economy

5- Money into infrastructure projects (more jobs)

6- Health care (less money spent)

7- Money for renewable energy development and conservation (less money spent on gas and we can tell the Middle East to go f$%&* themselves)

8- Unemployment extension.

9- Food stamp benefits.

That's just the tip of it.

This economy is is basically set up like a rapper who just got an advance from his label.

He is supposed to make it rain in the nearest strip club.

That's how it works, give just enough cash and tax breaks so you spend it which in turns creates jobs were those newly employed spend money, and in turn create more jobs.

It's a vicious cycle but a necessary one.

That's why I don't get bent out of shape during the holidays, like Valentines that just past.

Yeah I know it's a scam, you know it's a scam, they know it's a scam, but every one gets paid off the scam in theory.

And if you don't have enough to spend than here comes the creditors to loan you some money so you can spend some more so they can get paid too off the interest and late fees.

It's messed up but welcome to capitalism if you haven't figured it out by now.

The problem is were you spend the money.

It's like buying a $20 sack of weed.

Every one put in $5 on it to get their high on but than here comes some dude jumping in on the rotation.

Like whoa man?!

You ain't put in on this, you just gonna try and smoke for free?

Same thing when you buy foreign.

Yeah lets say for example the kicks you just paid $150 were made in Thailand.

Wouldn't be so bad if Thailand were in turn buying American but there not and if they were it's not on the scale we buy from them.

The only people who get paid off that is corporate big heads who than get paid extra well when they screw up a business.

How the hell do you get paid million of dollars in severance package for screwing up a job?

And why are you getting paid so much for anyway?

Anyway that's the concept of the package for people to feel safer to spend more money, with the idea that it will get the economic ball rolling again.

It's still good news or would you rather be broke?