Monday, December 1, 2008

Well I guess I Can Cross Nigeria Off.

At this rate when I am ready to go to Africa I will have to settle for Zanzibar because damn if the main land looks steady.

And while the chaos spread China and the United States creeps ever so closely to setting up shop.

The instability of this continent is disturbing, even South Africa is having trouble with soaring crime, and there getting ready to have the World Cup!

I hope they don't rely on that to change things, most nations and cities that have done things like the Olympics and Cup have found themselves in the financial hole spending more than braining in.

(Word of advice tax the hell out of the tourist industry)

This type of mayhem is the type that will make nations ask for help and that where they are going to get caught up.

There WILL BE A PRICE TO PAY for getting in bed outsiders believe that, but you all should know that by now.