Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Defense Of the Gold Digger.

Gold Digger: A woman who seeks money and expensive gifts from men.

Femi B had an interesting post about gold digging and i decided to expand on my comments left over there.

Gold digging women have been given a bad rap over the years by society who deem their business like approach to the opposite sex is less than admirable.

Yet they are doing only what has been instilled in them from the beginning of time by nature.

Self preservation by attaching themselves to the best provider.

You see the majority of animals that mates to procreate does so by seeking the best of the male species to do so in order to ensure strong offspring, food and safety.

It's the reason there is only one lion mating with all the females in the pride, why the male peacock flashes his colors, and why rams butt heads.

Competing for the female and showing them that they can provide what ever they need.

It's part of their DNA fueling the survival of the species.

And man is no exception to this rule, we have been doing it from the time we have started coming out of the caves, or Adam and Eve for the biblical.

The difference is that in the past the gold digging was handled by the parents usually the father who would seek a husband for his daughter and would pick only the suitors that would best provide for his daughter.

That practice still goes on in some parts of the world.

The problem is when women began to negotiate for themselves, because than marriage did not necessarily have to be the end goal in the negotiation, sex with a beautiful woman would do just fine.

Now this is not to be mistaken for prostitution, you see prostitutes can enter multiple, very short term, business deals at the same time with no worry of conflicts of interests.

The gold digger focuses on one male so long as he is providing her wants, she is exclusive to him and only moves on when the well run drys.

Also different from prostitutes who seek cash only, a gold digger is not bonded to money only.

She may be seeking celebrity, fame, notoriety, networking for her own ventures as well as the cash.

Now there is no need to feel sorry for the men in this, in fact they are the real problem in the whole matter when they refuse to recognize the relationship as it really is and instead fool themselves into thinking that this is a relationship based on love.

Than of course when the mercenary attitude of the gold digger is revealed they are shocked, hurt, and bitter of the whole thing.

And the gold digger is made out to be the villain, when she really is a misunderstood business woman.

It's the smart man who recognizes a business relationship for what it is and negotiates a price that is acceptable to both parties.

Even if it leads to marriage the man with a brain is going to have a prenuptual agreement that will satisfy both parties (prenup do not have to mean the woman gets nothing it just sets the amount that she gets some times with incentives put in place.).

We see gold diggers all the time.

Anna Nicole Smith....

..the gold standard and hall of famer.

Make no mistake that hat old man paid for her company, he knew what the hell he was doing he wanted to be with beautiful young woman and he paid for it.

Thus a deal gone right for both parties.

Kim Porter (yes she is most certainly is one)...

..B level very poor negotiating skills had children which are her only bargaining chips since she has no ring and P.Diddy doesnt plan on putting one on her anytime soon. (This one may have been blinded by love)

Karrine Steffans....

.....her whole career is based on chasing rich and powerful men and than boo hooing about her poor "mistreatment" by them into a book deal and more fame.

Think about it, what man in his right mind would date her knowing her reputation and that their business will be put out in the streets, unless of course her notoriety adds on to theirs?

Karrine is a C level digger because she is delusional about her role in the relationships and why she does it, look at what she tell these students.

Lets forget that they gave this idiot a mic and told her to speak in front of some college kids as if is she discovered the cure for cancer.

"I did it for you"?

And those girls were eating it up except for that one sista who saw what I saw.

Y'all women keep on following her Karrine's lead if you want, I'll leave it at that.

But back on topic.

The men who claim dirty about gold diggers are the one's who can not afford them or cut themselves a bad deal.

These are the one's who want to ride a Porsche for free, not even put anything in the gas tank.

Knowing damn well that if they were to get it they would abuse it and leave it.

Beta dogs angry that they are not treated like Alpha dogs.

Alpha dog upset that they got took.

No boys and girls I have no problem with gold diggers, I admire a good hustle, and honest work, when I see it.

The ones who abuse their deals are no different than others and are not a representation of the rest.