Monday, December 1, 2008

Deal Breakers 1: High School

This series will be high lighting my new standards for women in hopes of removing the headaches that keep on popping up in my life.

Here we go.

1- Women who do not graduate high school.

I have nothing against a high school diploma or a GED, college is not for every one and I have dated my share of "educated women" who were......lets face some really stupid ass broads that have no business breeding.

Intelligence and education are two different things, that do not come hand in hand.

How ever a woman with out a high school diploma or GED strike me as a woman who has either given up on life or is lazy.

Never mind slow.

Either way you can not ignore the facts that the lack of a middle education can be the catalyst to a substandard way of life, poor options and choices made.

As well as having too much time on your hand thus worrying about what the hell I am doing all the time.

So that is deal breaker number 1.

Stay tuned for the rest.