Tuesday, December 16, 2008

True Story 18: Bye Bye Butterfly.

Ms Bootystar and I have been playing phone tag for the past couple of weeks or rather I have been ignoring most of her phone calls.

But not because I am trying to avoid her or anything I am just not a phone person, I hate talking on it for some reason so when I make calls there short and to the point.

Which is ironic since I can text all day, something I used think people who have nothing to say did to play around.

But damn if that thing cant be used to avoid conversations all together, you can return a text when ever your want, multi text people, multi task as you text, hell I can drive and text, I am a texting fool.

But back to her, she has been asking me to take her out to dinner on a Friday since the beginning of this month and I said sure, thinking hell I probably wont see you again after this to cash that check in.

Well damn if she isn't determined to make me take her out, every Friday she calls and I have managed to give her an excuse as why I cant.

You see since the last time we met I have already placed her in the category of jump off.

A jump off is some one that you have a physical attraction to but not emotional or mental.

Now she is above the rank of hoe because you actually respect her have conversations with and hang out on rare occasions but the understanding is there that it is strictly physical.

The jump off is below the status girlfriend or good friend in in that very little time, conversation, money and emotion is spent.

She already let me know that was the category she was putting me in since she "has some one".

So that's were I placed her except I wasn't going to try her anytime soon.

But like all knuckle heads she wants to play outside of her position, a game plan she designed mind you.

She calls me up to set something up for this past Friday and suggested I take her out to a spot called Legal Seafood were the meal can be $50 a plate.

And before I can process that info, in the same conversation she is asking me if I was getting her a coat for Christmas?


The hell I look like Saint Nick?

So I politely tell her isn't that something "he" should be doing?

And being the typical drama queen she blows her top and starts in with "you see that is whats wrong with men you should want to do it from the heart".

And mean while I am thinking if I had a heart I damn sure wouldn't open it or my wallet to your trifling ass.

Now lets set the record straight I have no problem spending money on a woman, especially if I see potential in you, hell I have been a borderline sugar daddy with some.

It's all part of the dating/courting process, you do nice things for some one your getting to know on "special" occasions.

Like birthdays and holidays or what ever.

Until that person falls into the category of close friend or girlfriend she doesn't get that treatment.


That's against the rules.

It's a matter of principle and role playing.

You don't see the lion eating grass or the monkeys building rockets!

That ain't there damn purpose, that's not what they are built for.

And she was not built for good friend or girlfriend treatment.

She put herself in that position not me!

If I was going to do things like that I would have to jump her up in the rankings to good friend or girlfriend and she already has some one (which is making me real hesitant any way) and I have other projects on my table.

I am still debating on if I want to get my act together and seriously pursue the Good Girl who I know wont be on the market for much longer if I half step it with her.

But the hook that kept me on her line was that Ms. Booty Star had a line on some furniture for the cheap, I figure I could get some new stuff for the cheap since she had a connect inside a furniture store.

I figure I can deal with her some more to get my paws on that stuff.

We agreed to me her connect at a public storage to take a look at the merchandise, when she calls me the same day and tells me the deal is off.

Apparently her connect were friends of her "soon to be" ex-husband who got wind of this and flipped out thinking I am the other man.

So he threatened her and she is scared to death so she canceled the deal.

I am pissed because I wanted to take a look at the stuff and also I ain't the other man!

That's the other dude I am taking blame for.

To hell with that is what I am thinking because I passed up on other deals to look at her connect, so I try to convince her to do it any way.

But she relays the story of what he has been doing to her lately.

She is set to graduate next year, and she has been planning to hold a party for the event, this lady has been buying up bottles of liquor since the beginning of the year spending what spare change she had on the stuff.

She had accumulated over $1000.00 worth of bottles in her bar, apparently when dude came to pick up his kids he noticed liquor and decided out of spite that she wasn't going to have a party in "his" house.

He waits till she is not in the room and manages to haul off all the liquor, she doesn't notice till her dude comes over and ask for a drink and she looks in the bar and realize she has been had.

And to top it off he puts a stop payment on her child support check he gave her that day.

I am listening to this and think, damn this dude is spiteful for real.

But I want the furniture, so I press the issue and get her to try again.

A week later she calls me to say that her ex found out again and came but the house...and get this now.....and stole the thermostat off the wall leaving the heat off.

Now when she is telling me this I bust out laughing on the phone not at her mind you but at this dudes antics.

How the hell you gonna steal a thermostat off the damn wall?

What kind of childish ish is that?

She than hits me with a "we cant see each other anymore" because she wants to work things out with the other dude and get the heat from her ex off her.

Who the hell said we where seeing each other?

But at this point I start to feel bad for her cause she was hurt that I was laughing and in the back of my mind I already knew where this was going.

Her ex was going to beat her ass.

It is written, he has done it before and he is slowly but surely gearing up to do it again.

She had already filed charges about the liquor and had him placed on child support, he is going to be hot and after her butt.

I feel bad for her.

So I tell her lets remain friends, and if she need anything to let me know.

She thanks me for being understanding and promises to keep in touch.

Good bye Ms. Booty Star.