Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Deal Breakers 4: Messed Up Feet.

Now I am not a shallow fellow at all, and I am not one to judge a woman on physical appearance.

As I stated in a past post, I am more likely to pay attention to what is sexy about the woman as opposed to what people consider beautiful.

So I don't notice flaws like having slight gap in your teeth, scars from cat fights (I think that is sexy as hell BTW), lisps or whatever.

But I will notice this right here.....

Oh yeah I ain't gonna ignore that my good lady.

If you can climb a tree bare foot with out using your hands than there is a problem.

If you can put fires out by stomping on them with your bare feet that there is a problem.

Now what I am talking about here is neglect, not flaws that cant be helped.

Like I knew a woman who had half a left foot as the result of a lawn mowing accident as a kid.

The didn't have enough flesh to close the wound so the took part of her Mons pubis......

....and closed up the wound.

Crazy thing is that she would grow hair in that are, pubic hair, and she had wavy hair so it would be like these long strands.

I remember one time I hit on her and she told me she was on her period to which I replied "can I play with your foot than?" ;)

I wonder if you sucked on that foot would it be considered oral sex?

Yet once again I digress.

But that right there she cant help, it was was not up to her and besides she kept it Brazilian style when she could.

Also like those women that have the longer second toe.....

What the hell is up with that?

It's like are not all the way humane or something?

The point is accidents and genetic flaws get a pass with me, I am not the best genetic example of mankind either.

But this ish here.....

Where you are basically not taking care of your self is unacceptable, as the great Kool Moe Dee would say "Go See The Doctor".
That joint right there is trifling.

Hell it ain't that hard to groom your self why your feet look like you have been walking bare foot through a cow farm?

That don't make no type of sense.

Hell I once gave a woman a pedicure because I didn't like the way her feet was looking.

True I just used that as an excuse to seduce her but none the less the condition of her feet were appalling.

Say no to jacked up feet!

Deal Breaker.