Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What I Rockin: K'NAAN - Somalia

I talked about K'NAAN first joint here, a hot album here is the latest joint off the upcoming album Troubadour.

This is what happens when you put a conscience rapper on a tight beat.

You get good Hip-Hop instead of the corporate poison that is forced down the throats of the masses.

You see the biggest problem with rap music is it is not viewed as an art form because the belief is that anybody can do it.

And if you listen to the radio there right anybody can get up there and slap together some music words together and sell it.

Like the Def Poetry Jam, every now and than they would throw up a Saul Williams but more often than not some idiot was up there talking about how horny, lonely, confused, insecure, pathetic or out right stupid they were in a manner that was unchallenged.

These people were allowed to share the stage with Saul Williams!

Same thing with Hip-Hop you have any old person allowed to pick up a mic and become a "star".

Why is that?

Because you can make a dollar off of it.

It has become a commodity of no value.

How can it be art if anyone can do it and when you challenge that you are considered a hater.

The same reasons the big three auto makers are going under, quantity over quality, money into the pocket instead of the product, it's the same reasons Hip-Hop is failing.

Except we ain't getting no bail out.