Monday, December 8, 2008

Deal Breaker 2: Hair

I don't care how you wear it, really I don't, I am all about diversity in style.

The Afro, (I prefer them bigger).

Short perm, (one of my favorites especially if it's clean or rough in the back).

Weave, (definitely not a favorite, I accidentally pulled a girls track out during sex).

Dreaded up, (another favorite).

Even bald, (dying to get my hands on a woman sporting this, the things I would do to that head...).

Freestyle, (ehh).

Wigs, (very good for role playing and different looks).

Hell go crazy with it( another favorite of mine).

I like it all.

Except some mess like this.

I don't care what you do with it but do something, I don't like unkempt hair on women any where above the waist.

I will not tolerate un combed, untreated, unimaginable crowns, not going to happen with me.

That is a sure sign that you don't care what you look like and if you don't care about that well than it doesn't stop there.

You need help?

I help you, I have paid for women's hair to get done many times, of course if i am paying I am picking the style that's the rule.

But regardless get it done.

And one more thing let me catch you out the house with this.

I don't care how cute you are I am going to clown your ass.

This Is A Deal Breaker.