Monday, December 8, 2008

Monkeys With Guns 7: NYPD loves the booty.

Man Gets Raped With A Baton By 3 NYPD Officers In Subway! (Rev Al Sharpton Is On The Case)

I almost cant believe this, I want to say that this is some straight ol BS and the dude is looking to get paid.

But nope it's happened before, wtf is wrong with some police and NYPD specifically?

How the hell do you sit there and come up with sick ish like this?

I want to know where the mayor is?

Your ass was all over the news for Plaxico shooting himself!!

Where you at!!

Dont carry a gun?

The f%^$ you say?!

This looks like all the reason I need to stay strap.

Only way to ensure my booty hole stays virgin tight when the cops are around.

Explain this one.