Monday, December 8, 2008

Observations 1

While over at Essential Presence blog I came across this post.

Have you noticed that since Obama has been elected President all of a sudden that one drop rule, were if you have any black blood in you, your considered black, no longer applies?

Or rather it replies in reverse now, as in your not black.

It started quietly enough when it first became apparent Obama was going to win.

A group of mixed people and groups like Swirl, (thought I was making that up huh?), got vocal and pointed out that they would prefer that he be acknowledge as one of them.

Than the media slowly but surely started talking out the side of their necks about how he was not really black.

Hell the KKK has called him mixed and refuse to say he is black, now YOU KNOW when the KKK refuses to call you a n#%& the world is turned upside down.

Never mind that the man himself said "I am a black man".

Now I try not to get into that here, because I really don't give it much thought, unless some one brings it up.

Ironic since my youngest brother's father is white, (a Brit at that), and I was out the house when he was still young so the topic never came up.

There are different ways you can look at it;

1- You can be a cynic and say well they don't want a black man in office that bad, that they are willing to turn a blind eye to the rule.

Ehh.....partly true, there are those who believe just that, hell there are black people who feel that way about him for one reason or another.

2- You can be positive and say well it is an acknowledgement of the union that brought him here and a sign that this country has turned a corner.

?.....yeah you believe that than I got an oil field in Iraq to sell you.

3- You can say it's both.

Could be.

4- Or you can say every one wants a piece of the action so there running to plant a flag in his butt.

I know I did the moment he said he was a black man, and if you want me to be honest I would have voted for Clinton if he refereed to himself as mixed, for no other reason than thinking he was trying to be slick and play both sides of the fence.

That's just me and my distrust of politicians.

What I will point out is that most African Americans are mixed to a certain degree or another and it has been proven through genetics that some AA who are dark skinned or darker than Obama have a higher percentage of white in them and some lighter skinned black have a higher percentage of black in them.

And given that Obama comes from an African father and what appears to be a very white mother that makes him a solid 50/50.

That would be more black than some of the most militant blacks and more white than some whites (who are mixed to, they pretend they don't know).

Yeah this country is a regular 31 flavors of people, a big old swirl.

How you take it is on you, all I know is I like chocolate and anything it's mixed with.