Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To shave or not to shave.

This pic here has been making the rounds sparking a talk which i was expecting apparently there was about concerns concerns about Mr. Tyson's pubes than the fact that dude is outside naked.

The feeling is he should get it cut or even try a wax job, Brazil style.

Now I don't mind the metro sexual look but the buck stops at pubic hair cutting.

I am a man, who looks like a man.

Ain't no cutting going on.

I'm all about pleasing a woman but there are some things that don't get messed with.

The hair on my body is one of them.

That's right I'm a hairy mutha, and I like it.

If she does not like it she can kick rocks, and find her self a dude who is willing mow the lawn.

That way y'all can save money on razors and share.

Imagine that me shaving in the morning top and bottom.


I don't care if it tickles your face.

Scratches you down there.

Looks odd.

Or if your coughing up fur balls all day.

You don't hear me complaining.

Your options are simple deal with it or be out.

But the Kid is going to stay looking like a gorilla.