Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stunna of the month 18: September: Erika Alexander

I wasn't sure I was going to post a Stunna of the month for September, I didn't feel motivated by any women lately.

But than I was watching TV One the other night and came across a Living Single marathon.

I always liked that show, not sure why since I tend to shy away from all entertainment geared toward women.

I guess it was because of the lack of quality programing for black people at the time, (and now), that when you came across a good show you stuck with it.

Living Single was good, and no one was better on it than Maxine Shaw played by Erika Alexander.

She stole the show, just by standing there.

The character Maxine seemed to be the exact opposite of Erika who always seemed cool calm and collected off camera while her character Maxine was hell in heels.

She stood out from the rest, her walk (I swear she was going to tip over any moment in those high heel), the Sharp business suits, the dreads, the way she injected swagga into her character, her go getta attitude and out right hostility, I wasn't sure if I had a crush on the character or the actress.

I look at that as a sign of good acting.

Bottom line, the woman is just hands down sexy.

And of course like all good black actors and especially actresses now you see them now you don't.

When Living Single went off the air she was vanished from my memory, making appearances in shows or movies I don't watch.

Another in a long line of under used talent.

I hated that Living Single went off the air robbing me of my chance to see Erika on the tube on a regular basis.

Hell I think I got bitter with it, till this day I hate the show Girlfriends, always saw it as a knock off, a sophisticated knock off, but a knock off none the less.

So with that said My Stunna of the month for September is Erika Alexander.

From Wikipedia :

Erika Alexander (born November 19, 1969 in Winslow, Arizona) is an American actress.

Alexander got her big break as Pamela "Pam" Tucker on the critically-acclaimed NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show. She later starred alongside Whoopi Goldberg in the 1990 civil rights epic, The Long Walk Home. Perhaps her most memorable role was as acid-tongued attorney, Maxine 'Max' Shaw on the FOX sitcom, Living Single, a role she played for five years.

Erika's role as Pam Tucker brought a fresh spin to The Cosby Show. She played a girl who is sent to live with relatives when her grandmother is taken ill. At first she doesn't feel she fits in due to strict rules, but she soon learns that the rules are out of love. Pam is a simple girl who wants to go to college, but doesn't really have the grades. She is usually with her best friend, the outspoken Charmainne, and Charmainne's boyfriend, Lance.

In international cinema, Ms. Alexander played the role of Hidimbi in Peter Brook's adaptation of The Mahabharata. She also played a young Flora in the TV miniseries Mama Flora's Family.

Her voice is featured on The Bible Experience.

She later actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton and toured college campuses with Chelsea Clinton, during the 2008 US Democratic Party Primary.

(we wont hold her support for Hillary Clinton against her)