Wednesday, January 23, 2008

News from Planet “Duh Really?”: The circus has not left town yet.

News from Planet “Duh Really?”

Jena, La

About 50 white separatists protested in Jena the Martin Luther King Holiday and the ruling on the Jena six.

Police separated participants in the “pro-majority” rally organized by the Nationalist Movement from a racially mixed group of a about 100 counter-demonstrators outside the LaSalle Parish Court house.

Among the counter-demonstrators were members of the new Black Panther Party.

Police from several organizations were at hand to keep the peace.

Snipers staked the roofs of the buildings across the street from the court house, as a few locals black and white watched from the sidelines.

Mean while back on planet Earth:

You know I would feel sorry for these hicks, with all the unwanted attention they get, but the reality is if they did the right thing in the first place and not try to railroad a bunch of knuckle heads, (and let’s be honest that’s exactly what the Jena Six were a group of knuckleheads), they wouldn’t have to have their fish bowl existence disturbed by the people living in the new millennium.

I would say they will learn a lesson from this but from my understanding the DA who started the mess still has a job.

On a brighter note, small hick towns being small hick towns do not get much in the form of worldly education and entertainment.

I am sure these past couple of years will give them plenty to talk about around the camp fire.