Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What the Bozaks!?!?

From the News.

Musa Hilal, the suspected head of the janjaweed militias, (that’s that happy go lucky bunch of devils who go around murdering, raping and committing other atrocities in Darfur), has been named an advisor to Sudan’s Ministry of Federal Affairs which manages the governments relations with outside provinces.

Now if this is not a case of putting the wolf to guard the hen house from the fox I do not know what is.

You know some nations need a good tragedy, I am not talking Katrina style, I am talking old school Biblical shit.

Fire and brimstone, locusts, famine, taking of the first born, I mean letting the Four Horse Men loose on that ass.

Mean while the world just wags its figure and say bad boy.

You know there is no way I would be Mike the Almighty, I would stay flooding this miserable little rock.