Monday, February 8, 2010

The Superbowl.

I give props to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Superbowl.

I wasn't in love with either of these teams so I had no stake in this but it was a good game to watch and if there was a city that needed this it was N.O.

I Wouldn't put this game in the top five of Superbowls or not even in the top ten, I got the sense that the Colts choked up in the end and let NO take it from him.

The interception by Manning being the clincher for me right there and also will be used by some as proof that Manning is a choker who got lucky one year.

Cant really argue with that.

Now on to the real stuff.......the commercials.......

I actually missed these on TV but they were my favorites.

This one had me dying!

I think a lot of dudes could relate to this on so both sides as the wolf coming to the door and as the kid of a single mother.

I know exactly how both of those feel.

For real this commercial actually made me want to buy some old spice.

Had me rolling and I have no idea why, it was just damn silly, good stuff.

Those are my picks.