Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 15.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. High Levels Of Sarcasm And Bloody Humor Present. May Hurt The Feelings Of The Thin Skinned And The Weak Minded, The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

**** We all know about the tragedy of Haiti and while I was donating money and trying to hunt down relatives I absorbed what ever news came out of there.

One of the stories that came out though gave me reason for pause.

There seemed to be this rush in taking children out of Haiti who were orphans or newly turned orphans.

Now this was going on within a week of the earthquake, and I remember thinking that they were moving faster then needed with that.

I can understand the need to help but this type of rush with out fact checking can do more damage then good.

Haiti to my knowledge does not have a welfare system, no Section 8 for housing, no Food Stamps/EBT for food.

This safety net that is here in this country that allows a mother to keep and care for her children is not present in Haiti.

So a family in Haiti who can not take care of her child has one of two options either give their child to a family who can afford to take care of the child and in return the child becomes a house hold servant, (I remember having a very young "nanny" as a child that was a result of this method) or give the child to an orphanage.

In either case the mother and father are NOT putting up her child for adoption or even giving up rights to the child.

They are just placing them in a place that will give their child the best chance to survive.

So when I hear things like adoption groups and well meaning organizations all of a sudden make a move to make off with a army of Haitian children and use the many having the idea of giving the kids out to adoption alarms flash through my head.

Words like kidnapping and abscond pop into my head and I am reminded of the Aboriginal "Lost Generation".

Now I don't think anything that sinister is meant by these groups to put them in the category of what happened in Australia.

But when your rushing to take kids away from their native land and shipping them them to another country with no ties to their culture, race and roots thus damning them with a life time inferiority complex...........

When you don't even check to see if the child's relatives are alive and can provide care...........

When you make off with kids who make up a large part of the population there by threaten the future existence of the country......

And when you do mess like this........

......taking kids to the Dominican Republic?

Didn't bother to do any research on the historical racial tension between the two nations did you.

When you do thing like this you need to slow the hell down and ask some questions first.

And preferably you ask the people your trying to help.

****Miss America?

Now I admit I don't pay attention to this stuff but when i saw this pic pop up on the computer I couldn't help but wonder how similar the contestants look, even the ones of different races.

I don't want to be the cynic here hell with that that's exactly what I want to be here......exactly what part of America do these women really represent?

How about putting some bald headed chics up there, some fat ones, dreadlocs, pierced mouths, or have some rainbow dyed hair.

Let one of the ladies show how to diffuse a dirty bomb in some dude's under wear while budgeting her check book and slipping on a thong on the talent portion of the show.

Do that for me Miss America.

That way I wont see you as a cookie cut out of some one else's dream.

And another thing the panel of judges included radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, actress Vivica Fox, musician Dave Koz, Miss America 2002 Katie Harman, gymnast Shawn Johnson and former "American Idol" finalist Brooke White.

Now I wasn't expecting a panel of the world's leading scientists and philosophers and what not but...........come the f&@# on y'all couldn't do better then this?

And Rush?


He thinks cause he voted for some black chic he gets a get out of bigot prison pass?

You still cant have a football team bastard.

**** There some people who watch the Superbowl for the game and then you have those watch it for the damn commercials.

I cant lie back in the day the commercials were pretty good.

But it was only a matter of time before someone would take advantage of the millions of viewers to push a political agenda.

In this case a Pro Life ad featuring college football Saint Tim Tebow, (no surprise here) and a gay marriage commercial.

I happen to support both causes but I would rather just be thinking about football at that time.

****My play daughter had her period a few months ago and I was "blessed" with the task of getting her her first pack of pads.

Well her mother is a nasty mutha when she is on and her daughter apparently has inherited that trait......excuse me as I smirk.

Boy to be a fly on the wall in their house.............

*****Do I like the idea of flesh colored underwear?


But even I know that a televised sporting event is not where you should be wearing it.

Which ticks me off because now I have to give a side eye to Venus Williams for playing stupid and wondering why this was a big deal.

You really need to wonder why this is not a good idea?

Better yet exactly why are you faking showing your ass anyway?

Woman just go ahead and show your ass if your going to.

Don't play about it, be about it.

*****And speaking about not playing around with it.

I'm not sure if I should put this down as a win for people with disabilities or a massive fail for the economy that would force some one to do this.

I'm sorry.....a one legged stripper?

Are times that hard?

Down here in the south the booty club is serious business, so serious that rival clubs regularly engage in guerrilla type war fare with each other from inserting rodents and bugs into rival clubs to get them shut down to actually burning each other down.

Now that I think about it this might not be a sign of hard times but a sign of desperate measures by club managers to get some attention.

Either way,call me crazy if you want but I got to see that.

Seriously now, how many people can say the were in a strip club and got a lap dance from a one legged stripper?

Go ahead......ask around.......I'll wait.......

Just to say you did is worth going.