Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why So Serious?

Yeah I have definitely pissed some one off in the Heavens above.

It starts off with my academic advisor at school, I go in there thinking she can help me figure out what credit hours are going to carry over back to my state college for the program I decided I am going to do.

The idea is that I go in there and jump straight in the program for spring of 2010 and be done in spring 2011.

From there I planned to move to either of the following countries:

1 Haiti
2 Dominican Republic
3 Brazil
4 Senegal
5 Zanzibar
6 South Africa
7 Jamaica
8 French Guiana
9 Ghana
10 Cameroon.

I'll work about six months in the United States and chill the rest of the time off the power of the dollar at the beach home of my choice.

Although after seeing my mom come through here like a baller out of control I am thinking stay in the states and just work in Europe were the Euro and the British pound seem to be kicking the dollars ass all up and down the planet.

That was the plan, so the counselor and I start going over my transcripts and she starts to write down the class I need to complete........and writing......and writing......and.....WTF!?!?!

The woman put down 10 classes half of which I already took but because of the time I took them they no longer count.

Plans shot the hell down, I wanted to get up and walk out when she got to 5, I was going to be real lazy about it and take class when ever, but now it looks like I got to take a full load all the way through just to get in the fall of 2010.

If she wasn't cute I would have told her to do it again she made a mistake.

Moving on, last Friday I am dropping a friend off home in the middle of a thunder storm after hanging out.

I am going down the street and I got the light, I see another car coming the opposite way.

I cross the light this idiot turns right into my truck and some how rearranges my front end!

I get out ready to fight, cause at this point the year has sucked ass and I'm ready to unleash, my home boy literally snatches me up holding me back in the middle of the storm as I am trying to get at the two Africans who wouldn't yield.

I had to walk around the block to calm my self till the cops got there.

Now truth be told I was lucky, my car is still drivable while theirs was total, (there is an advantage to driving a truck).

But I am pissed cause I know it is going to take the insurance company all year to pay me an get it fixed and considering the year they might try to play slick and total it out.

And to add icing to the cake the ex who has been going to church of late has been sending me inspirational religious text messages.


B@#$% I'm shocked you don't explode in the house of the lord the moment you step in there.

That right there is why I don't go to church, absolutely no screening at the door.

Church needs to be like an exclusive club with standards.

Right at the door they need to be like "Excuse me sir we don't allow pimps in here...no mama ho's are not allowed.......sir we don't allow dead beat dads......miss I am going to have to ask you to find a skirt that fits before you come in.....I am sorry we have a rule about hypocrites".

That's it I'm done for the week.