Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Im Rockin.

I am so sick of what I hear on the radio especially down here in Atlanta.

It the say ish said with a different voice by a different looking cat over the same simple beat.

I sit and wonder how the hell do people make money off that?

How does the radio station gets away with playing the same mess over and over again?

How does the labels execs feed there kids off of this mess?

We see the numbers very few artists are moving weight retail wise anyway.

Hell the underground used to be a place of refuge from what was forced on the listeners by the unholy union of corporations, radio, simple minded artists and and the unsupervised little brats who always managed to find away to get ish like Bow wow and Soulja Boy Tell Em played.

They know damn well those living da Brats dolls don't have money!

What the hell are they catering to them for?

I used to be able to dig my way to the underground for salvation, the first time i heard B.I.G. was when he Biggie Smalls off a Ron G mixtape if I remember correctly.

I heard Eminem on a college radio station, he was even talking about killing his girl back than.

But now the underground is full of weak ass rappers and singers no talent.

Used to be a source of pride to call your self a back packer, not anymore.

That's why when I hear something different it is like a cool breeze in the middle of the desert that has become of urban music.

But when that "different" also happens to have talent and style about it?

It's like the breeze picking you up out of the desert and dropping you in the middle of a pool with some fresh drinks waiting for you at the edge.

That is why I am so on Gnarls Barkley's jock.

Now I cant say that I would have looked for Gnarls if I wasn't already a fan of Cee-Lo Green already.

Cee-Lo I'll Be Around

Goodie mob - Cell therapy

And Danger Mouse had me on lock when he did the Grey album, which was hotter than Jay Z's original Black album.

Jay Z Encore

Jay Z vs. Dangermouse "99 Problems"

Put them together and you get peanut butter and jelly.

Gnarls Barkley - Mystery Man

And than you aint got to wait every three years for them to drop an album.

This is why I don't get upset at artists when they want to branch out and experiment.

Cause you will get a body of work like Outkast.....

....(a damn shame that Atlanta is there home yet very few artists follow in there foot steps down here instead I got to listen to Shawty Lo's bull all day), one of the greatest rap groups of all time.

You will also go get duds like Kanye West's 808 and Heartbreaks.

Way to much of a drag for me I thought the beats were all going to be like this.....

or this...


But that's OK Kanye gets a pass from for great previous work, besides I wont hate on some one for trying something new.

Hopefully other artists are paying attention.