Sunday, December 14, 2008

Man Attacks President Bush With Shoes.


That dude was .38 HOT!

Really what do you expect huh?

He turned the country into a an over size parking lot with this stupid war.

Somebody had to be pissed about it.

Hell I wanted to throw a bag of dog ish at the jerk myself on many occasion.

If this doesn't sum up how the people around the world feel about this administration I don't know what does.

......with his SHOES!!!

I hope they don't ship him to Guantanamo Bay now.

I am sorry I cant condone this but I do respect this dudes heart, Bush had that coming.

You play war games in somebodies home and got the nerve to show your face around there after you wreck the joint?

N#@$% you lucky you didn't get shot, in fact how the hell didn't you get shot?!

I'll say one thing he ducked that shoe like a true champ and had a little smile on his face too.

But if you spent the last 8 years ducking people who have been trying to knock your head off you should be good.

If I was Bush I would be running out of the White House telling the Obama's, "forget the Blair House come on in to the White House I'll send for my stuff later see ya sucker!!".

You hear say I wasnt scared?

I call bullish!

I can pin point the exact moment he ish his pants at :08.

When some one says they are not scared when no one is asking, than you know they were scared.

Unreal, I cant stop playing this joint.


I just got the translation for what the man said when throwing the shoes.

He said "Here are your weapons of mass destruction you son of a motherless pig!!!!"