Thursday, November 13, 2008

A word about Proposition 8

It seems that an unforeseen side effect from the high turn out of voters that assured Obama's victory has also submarined Gay rights's to be married out in California when Proposition 8 was passed by voters.

Now Gay's right to marriage is something I fully support, (although I have no idea why anyone want to be married, but go figure), there were leaders in the gay community however who felt that there loss was directly related to the high percentage of black voters who voted for the bill in the neighborhood of 70%.

Now if your new to this blog than you should know that I hate statistics I hate them with a passion, because they can be made to say what ever you want them to say, all you have to do is suppress the knowledge of the actual number of participants.

Lets say that whites make up 80% of the California population and black made up 20% out of a made up number of 1,000,000 voters.

That means blacks would make up 200,000 of the population, 70% of that number voted for Prop 8 as compared to 800,000 white voter which 49% voted in favor of Prop 8.

That's 140,000 votes for Prop 8 by blacks.

Your ticked off that 140,000 votes from blacks went to Prop 8?

As compared to the 392,000 of white ones?

We haven't even added Latino, Asian and what ever other color of the rainbow is out there.

Hell if most gays in Cali are white than you would think they should be even more ticked at whites not giving them 100% than anyone else, exactly what do black people owe you all?

And another thing is that flash word marriage.

I suspect if that word was removed from the bill by the Mormons who sponsored the bill,(a fine bunch to be wagging fingers no?), it might have stopped at the door.

In some people minds using the term marriage is a red flag, they don't care if you have all the right of married people as long as you don't call it marriage cause mentally speaking you inject religion into and than people start looking at it irrationally.

Yeah it's crazy and childish to not use the word but are you trying to win or not?

The real problem is that gay leader out there dropped the ball they didn't hit the streets hard enough to shore up defense against the bill and I don't believe they did their best in reaching out to the black community to get the job done.

The high turn out of voters does not ensure that every one thinks the same way despite them all voting for the same person.

And more importantly y'all going to get enough of thinking that black people all think a like, a survey of black bloggers could tell you that were all a mixed bag of nuts.

Black voters were only a small part of why that lousy Prop 8 passed the other reason is in the mirror of gay leaders.