Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joke for the day.

The teacher while going through the lesson for the day heard a mewing sound coming from the desk of one of her students, Timmy Johnson.

When the teacher looked under the desk she saw a beautiful black cat with green eyes.

"Timmy is that you cat?" ,she asked.

To which Timmy said, "yes.".

"Why is that cat here in school?"

At this point Timmy broke down crying almost hysterical, it took the teacher a good 5 minutes to calm him down to get him to talk.

"I don't want my cat to die." he sobbed.

The teacher said, "why do you think your cat is going to die?".

To which Timmy said "I heard my dad tell my mom that when the kids are gone he is going to tear that pussy up."

Goood day folks.