Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"That One" showed us why he is "The One".

Your down to your last spade in the deck "my friend".

You were supposed to go into this one ready to bite that ear off, show and prove why your the best candidate for the job, that you were in touch with the pulse of America.

That you were the "maverick".

Whats is maverick like about an across the board freeze?

Like what?

You and I both know whose spending is going to get frozen and it wont be corporate America, it will be something I need.

And if social security is so easy to fix why are we talking about it?

Why the hell am I scared to get old?

More nuclear power plants?

That's your answer for alternative fuels?

Turn the country into a radioactive battery?

And would you please stop saying "Gen. Patraeus says.." to hell with the Gen. "my friend".

He ain't here!

Obama put a beat down on your butt, the media will try to make it seem close, the pundits in the republican pockets like fox news will swear you one.

But you and I know that you got schooled.

Obama had an answer for everything and wouldn't let you slide on anything including your selective history "not surprisingly'.

"My friend" you got knocked the f%#@ out!

You got one more chance to show and prove but I am doubtful that you can pull it off at this point.

The only thing you proved to me is "That One", Barack Obama, is "The One"