Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kill Obama? No that does not scare me.

I expected this kind of mess and to tell you the truth I am surprised that this and the other incident were the only ones that national attention so far.

Were going to see a lot more of the mentally challenged trying to be the next Lee Harvey Oswald, in fact I feel kind of sad for the FBI, Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies, there not going to get a moments rest for the first 2 years.

But I have to be honest these two don't scare me, they were destined to get busted.

Dudes like that who walk around with Nazi tattoos, Klan affiliation, Aryan Brotherhood, rebel flags, you know what there thinking, you can see them coming a mile away and have something waiting on their ass when they get here.

But people like this.....

and this.....

this one......

and finally.

That get out there any say these thing while backing a ligament candidate?

Those are the ones who make my hands sweat.

They'll disappear into the night like thieves.

Dumb enough not to understand or want the truth but smart enough to sabotage and undermine progress through court systems, harassment, propaganda, and provocation.

These are the types to give regular working black people hell out of spite, thus causing me to see the doctor on a regular basis for treatment of chronic bruised knuckles.

No, any idiot can pull the trigger and make a martyr out of Obama, no skills required there.

The real threat comes from the ones who will do anything to run his name through the mud.

The alphabet boys cant bust them.