Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Condoleezza Rice in the NFL?

Condi may have a new job waiting for her already, see here.

On the afternoon of January 20, 2009, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will find herself unemployed. She might not be that way for long. Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reported this weekend that the San Francisco 49ers are interested in hiring Rice to serve in a high-level position within the organization.
This is not the first time Rice's name has been bandied about for a gig with the National Football League. She told the New York Times in 2002 that her
dream job is to be NFL Commissioner. And Condi's name is still on the short-list of possible candidates to replace Gene Upshaw as executive director of the NFL Player's Association.

Now personally I dont think she needs to be working anywhere till her and her boss answer some questions about a certain war going on and who is getting paid off of it, but I wouldnt have anything against her running the league.

Hell all Commissioner Goodell does is play vigalante and suspend and fine players all day, she can do that at least.

And the players are only concered about there money so as long as she is not fooling with that she is good.

But still you got to wonder how does she get an inside track to a job like that with the 49ers?

Sounds like some old boy hook up to me.